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LifeVantage/Protandim Statement

Written by

You may be wondering why I have removed certain statements concerning LifeVantage from this website. As you may know, LifeVantage sued me to force me to remove certain statements from my website. I defended against the lawsuit by filing what is known as an anti-SLAPP motion, which, if it had been successful, would have caused the case to be dismissed at the outset. However, the California Superior Court for San Mateo County ruled against my motion. I appealed, but the First District Court of Appeal recently upheld the trial court. More information concerning the case is available at this court website. (LifeVantage Corporation v. MacFarland, No. A141057 in the Court of Appeal, CIV 521137 in the Superior Court).

I asserted in my motion that the LifeVantage defamation suit was without merit, and I advanced that position in good faith. I disagree with the decisions of the Superior Court and Court of Appeal that declined to throw the entire lawsuit out at the outset. Unfortunately, the result of the Court of Appeal decision is that the lawsuit would move forward, potentially all the way to a trial, and I simply could not afford the cost of defending the lawsuit any further. Because of the personal expense that further litigation would have entailed, and for no other reason, I have reached a settlement with LifeVantage. Under the settlement, both parties have agreed to remove certain statements from the internet. Neither party has conceded any issue of fact or law. Unfortunately, the terms of the settlement restrict my ability to comment on matters that may be of interest to you, so thank you for understanding why I may not respond to your inquiries, comments, etc.

I leave you with a point made by a lawyer in a recent article about a famous court case that struck a chord with me:

"To make sense of such strongly conflicting claims, the judges and their clerks will need to put in plenty of grunt work, reviewing and digesting small pieces of a large record of evidence. Sometimes the judges and their clerks are willing to put in that time. Sometimes they’re not, opting instead to view a case through the prism of their pre-existing political and/or philosophical leanings to craft a preferred outcome, and then working backwards to make that outcome fit the facts. (Even if it doesn’t.)

We’re supposed to view the court system as a complex, sophisticated, and ultimately fair process for dispensing justice. In too many cases, it’s a sausage factory, with the links processed not based on their actual ingredients but by the inclinations of whoever is stuffing the casings.

And so the lawyers routinely present briefs that are so different that they often seem like they come from entirely different cases. That’s what has happened in the Brady case.

After the parties get together in court to speak two separate languages for the oral argument, the three judges randomly assigned to the case will have to figure out what to do. While the profile of the case could prompt them to apply the care necessary to work it all out properly, there’s a chance that the meat will be ground up like it is in so many other situations, based not on what’s actually in it but based on how the butcher wants it to taste."

Last updated on December 23, 2015.

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40 Responses to “LifeVantage/Protandim Statement”

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  1. LisaRob says:

    It is a shame that you had to take down your hard work, and that lawsuits like this inhibit free speech.

    I wanted to thank you, LazyMan, for all the work you’ve done over the years to expose this company, and the personal sacrifice you have endured in fighting the good fight.

    Your information has benefited so many, me included, and I am so grateful to you and to all who contributed to the information.

    It won’t be long before this slimy company is out of business, and I’ll raise toast to you when that happens.

  2. Alice says:

    So what this suit was about was whether LV could sue you for what you said, not wether what you said was true or not, is that correct. wHere so I find the statement that says, or so, that neither party wanted to go to court and spend the thousands it would cost?

    Bottom line, this did not settle whether you were right or wrong, just that LV has the right to sue.

  3. Worried says:

    Hi…happened to find your site…
    Truly would love to know what u were saying ..
    i have a problem with LV moving a downline position to a much further downline position and interrupting the sponsorship for my top line distributor…of course the party who approved it is no longer there…BUT …there is no recourse for the illegal process of what happened…nor the intervention on their part now to straighten it out …not enough money to fight it…and even more saddly …never knowing what they can do in the future.

  4. Ndirish23 says:

    Key phrase is that the judge felt there was MERIT in what LV was claiming. MonaVie and companies of the like never had to live up to the transparency and scrutiny of a public company. LIFE VANTAGE DOES. On top of everything else u r a guy who admittedly has NO MEDICAL TRAINING yet u want to engage in medical/scientific bashing “discussions” U r worse than most of these companies as u hide behind the cloak of a public advocacy all the while being a profiteering affiliate marketer.

  5. Lazy Man says:

    Well, if you wait until I get my statement ready, and/or read what the court wrote, you’ll probably disagree with the judge’s feeling on whether it had merit.

    Enron lived the transparency and scrutiny of being a public company. It was under much more scrutiny as a company worth much more money.

    As a software engineer, I have earned 6 figure salaries. I gave up a lot of money to help people with finance. I gave up even more to help people in MLM. If I’m an affiliate marketer, I’m the worst one ever as I respond to thousands of comments like this one and made under $3000 all last year from it. Show me an affiliate marketer who can claim that!

    As for my medical training, what medical training do MLM companies require to be salesmen? I haven’t seen one of them require it.

  6. Tracy says:

    Ooooh… the old “you can’t comment on anything medical if you’re not a doctor” (or any similar sounding phrase)

    Like I always tell the MLM shills: I don’t have to get cancer to know that cancer is bad.

    Therefore, I don’t have to join your MLM to know that your MLM is bad. All MLMs are bad and scammy.

  7. Sammi says:

    Good for you! Glad someone is willing to stand up for freedoms and frivolous claims! Hard to win against corporate crap.

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  9. JD says:

    I was told to take Protandim by a holistic provider. What would be an alternative herbal or supplement to take instead. I have Neuropathy and
    lumbar pain. Don’t want to waste $50 as I already take many supplements.

  10. tom says:


    Go to a medical doctor if you want real treatment for pain.

  11. Rob says:

    JD you can make healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies everyday for 1/20 the cost of ProSCAMdim…your “holistic provider” is probably a distributor trying to make a few extra bucks off you…tell him to blow it out his ass…and WTF how did the stock price shoot up to almost 6.00?..some scammy [poop] must be going on…

  12. Vogel says:

    Rob said: “ow did the stock price shoot up to almost 6.00?..some scammy [poop] must be going on.”

    They announced a 7:1 reverse stock split today.

  13. Angi Knick says:

    Hi there, I’m trying to read all the comments on here and apparently I’m late to the party because I missed your previous information about this company that you had to take down. Bottom line is that a friend of mine is trying to get me to agree to a conference call with someone about this stuff so I’m trying to find out as much as I can about it. Setting up a conference call with some random dude sounds suspicious to me (why can’t she just tell me about it herself) and this protandim stuff is readily available on the net so why would I go through this company? That’s why I’m leery about what’s actually going on. If you have a chance, any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with this company. Thanks so much! Angi

  14. Rob says:

    Angi…just stay as far away from the pyramid scheme as possible…you at least know thats what it is right?..besides that protandim does absolutely nothing and dont let any of the shills try to fool you with “proven science”..protandim’s science has been debunked many times over and you’ll hear the same exact health claims from the shills of hundreds of other health pyramid schemes out there…Angi do what i do…save your 50 dollars a month and make some delicious healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies…those we know for a fact are beneficial for your health…not some hard pill from a pyramid scheme with shady science…or what they call science…smh…

  15. Natalie says:

    I wish I could read what you wrote! These people are filthy scammers. They claim that their products advertise themselves through word of mouth, when really they silence every attempt to speak out against their destructive practices. My mother has been brainwashed by these people and now essentially has a gambling addiction and spends thousands of dollars per month on pyramid scheme products. She’s been throwing her weight in for ten years and has never turned a profit. It doesn’t upset me so much that she’s throwing all the family savings away, more that I no longer am able to have a conversation with her without her attempting to get me involved in this scam. She knows there is nothing profitable in it for me, yet she wants me to get involved. All of the principles she used to stand for have been erased, to the point that I feel I don’t even know her anymore. Old friends and relatives no longer answer her phone calls because they know she doesn’t want to catch up with them, only to convince them to sign up for this fountain of youth scam. Anyways, for those who are on the fence about whether they should go along with a friend on this Protandim thing – STAY AWAY!

  16. Vogel says:

    Amen Natalie! Well said. That sort of soul destruction is what I loathe most about MLM like Lifevantage, next to their attempts to exploit sick people.

  17. Richard Horowitz says:

    I had a bad experience with a certain personality involved in my group — extremely high pressure tactics, hard-core manipulation and mental/emotional abuse. IMHO, this person and some of the other people I met are “brainwashed,” and this is a “business cult.” People like this are very dangerous. Just my personal opinion and experience.

  18. colonial says:

    Yea, I remember being introduced to this company by a couple buddies I graduated with. They make it sound like it’s the best thing out there and say how they are in the beggining with so much to grow and how you are going to be rich in a couple years. It felt fishy from the get go. I remember being convinced to go to an “opportunity” meeting or whatever and it felt so sketchy. Then I went to some convention or something and it felt like I was in a cult. The worst part is that you have to pay to get in to those things as if paying a pretty insane price to be a part of it wasn’t enough. What they don’t bring up until you are signing up is that you have to get autoships of product every month. It’s just not worth it and isn’t what the people introducing to you make it out to be. Nobody wants to be pushed to buy a $50 supplement that’s worth a few bucks, especially in this economy, let alone be a distributor.

  19. t says:

    All I can say is I used this product and stopped after getting stage 3 cancer. Once cancer free I started it back up again for $30 to $50 a month. I found Lazzy Man’s site here and started buying the 5 ingredients myself at 20% of the cost of protandim. I found that my white blood cell counts went up better after chemo with the protandim alternative for a 5th of the price and my hands which would peel and bleed stopped after doing it Lazy Man’s way. I don’t care what a court says I can only go with my own exoerience and as a free human being – no one can take that away.

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  21. Vogel says:

    Thought you all would enjoy this brand new scathing investigative report on the supplement industry by the CBC.


    Great stuff!

  22. Jonathan says:

    From your own website, different article:
    “Reputable companies address criticism openly and transparently. If they can defend their actions they do. If they can not, they pledge to make amends and do a better job in the future. However, if a company isn’t reputable and can’t address criticism openly, defend their actions, admit to mistakes, or pledge to do better in the future, I guess the last option is try to silence the criticism itself.”
    See more at: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/nerium-scam/#sthash.8XBKmLYv.dpuf


  23. Lazy Man says:

    I do find that interesting Jonathan. I’ve always been transparent and open to criticism through the comments section and continue to do all so on all my articles. I find it unfortunate that all companies aren’t up to my standards.

  24. Joy says:

    I was wondering where I could get the list of ingredients. I would prefer to get my own and stay out of the pyramid system. Would be greatful. thx

  25. Lazy Man says:

    Joy, unfortunately I’m not sure the terms of the legal settlement allows me to help you. Sorry.

  26. kathleen says:

    I’m really sorry that you’ve encountered such slimy and unethical people in these damn MLM schemes. I had been ready to do prot**dumb, but reading your info turned that around. You saved me thousands of $$$, and much emotional pain. I hope that things turn around for you. Please don’t give up on your mission to provide accurate, clear and informative posts for folks who have tired of seeking truth from corporate entities.

  27. Jason says:

    All you losers on here commenting on a pyramid probably work for someone and make others rich. You wouldn’t have a clue on how to be an entrepreneur. You just want someone to pave the way. Then you walk in and say I want this and that. You get paid what your boss thinks your worth in that pyramid!!! Working for someone else gives you a 95% chance that you will be dead or broke at 65. But hey don’t get scammed go work for someone else who busted there butt to get where there at. Followers!!!!

  28. Jenny says:

    I read your article carefully! A good friend of mine talked to me about this product… Still no good or bad opinion about it… It’s just that something doesn’t feels right… I usually try the product and after that I give my opinion but in this case I can’t see why I should… I know by fact the great advantages of using turmeric (which is one of the ingredients) great anti inflammatory herb… I haven’t try the other herbs that complete the Prontadim miracle capsule which are Green Tea, Bacopa, Ashwagandha and Milk thistle… I cook with turmeric powder and I feel great! I’ve try to find some info about Dr Joe McCord and his nominations for the Nobel Prize and can’t find a thing… I believe he has done a lot of research and he knows about antioxidants a whole lot but that’s it… In my opinion I don’t see a reason to talk this over price supplement if I can take all the ingredients in a natural healthier way.
    Thx Lazyman!

  29. Lazy Man says:


    I don’t appreciate it when MLMers mislead consumers into thinking that a hierarchical organization such as a company is a pyramid scheme. A software engineer for Microsoft or Google doesn’t make his money by endless chain recruiting of people. Writing code is a very, very different thing completely.

    If you want to learn more read: Corporate America is Not a Pyramid Scheme.

    Jenny, the official website of the Nobel Prize states, “The database is not yet complete. Currently, data until 1963 is included for nominations to all Nobel Prizes except the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, that only contains data until 1953. Note also that names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later. See the manual for more details.”

    As best I can tell, by the time we learn that someone was nominated for a Nobel Prize 50 years later, the scientific community would have assimilated it… if it proved to be useful.

  30. Jerry says:

    Saying “All MLM’s are bad” is like saying All Businesses are Bad. Att&t, coke, Mary Kay, and the list goes on all use network marketing (MLM). There’s a M. D. (Dr. ) in AZ that has 200+ patients on Protandim and all of them are getting positive results! Many are getting Off their chemical Rx. I’m not a distributor, just a customer. These are my thoughts.

  31. Lazy Man says:

    AT&T and Coke do not use MLM. As for Mary Kay, it sure seems to me that Harper’s Magazine called Mary Kay bad:

    “The women I interviewed for ‘The Pink Pyramid Scheme’ told me stories about struggling to patch together daycare or to survive high-risk pregnancies while working long hours scouting prospects and hosting parties without any guarantee of a sale. Debts mounted, marriages failed. They couldn’t have it all because Mary Kay’s business model (like that of any multilevel-marketing enterprise) is designed primarily to profit from, rather than enrich, its workforce.”

    You might want to read up more on MLM here: Is Every MLM a Scam?

    Due to the terms of my legal settlement, I can’t further comment on the rest of your ill-informed thoughts.

  32. James Lenfestey says:

    Dear Lazy Man,
    I agree, MLM marketing sucks. I applaud you efforts to try to save people money and help them at the same time. Sounds like me. I once told a friend that I would like to be in the “Used car”, business. He replied, “You could never make it” because “You are too honest and would actually fix peoples cars when they broke down”. Anyway, to the point….Give your info and story to this guy, “Bill Foust”. Maybe he will publish it, and if they try to sue him, he will rip them a new asshole! I do not know him, but know that he is correct on many issues. Here is a you tube link to some of his work. Most Sincerely Jim

  33. Vogel says:

    James Lenfestey said: “Anyway, to the point….Give your info and story to this guy, “Bill Foust”. Maybe he will publish it, and if they try to sue him, he will rip them a new asshole! I do not know him, but know that he is correct on many issues. Here is a you tube link to some of his work.”

    A “sovereign citizen” loon like Foust is probably the last person I’d turn to to spearhead a campaign against MLM; the fact that he’s been dead for more than 4 years notwithstanding.

  34. James says:

    Sadly, I Did not realize the man was dead. I had been watching some of his videos a few weeks back and simply thought he or someone like him, might be of assistance. I would urge the web master to DELETE MY ABOVE COMMENT as well as this one considering that fact. Nevertheless, that is the type of guy needed. Someone who knows Constitutional law and knows how to sue. As I see it, from my very brief look at the information presented, the company violated the Lazy Man’s right to free speech. Whether these types of people are loony or not, is simply a matter of opinion. jim

  35. Lazy Man says:

    James, I’ve decided to not delete your comment because it would make Vogel’s comment out of context which would require me to delete his comment. There’s no shame in not knowing someone passed away.

  36. Rob says:

    Great just great…Lievantage just released a weight management line of crap…can’t wait to hear the outrageous claims on this…

  37. Hamman Egger says:

    I have been shocked as of late to see that Life Vantage has managed to survive,
    And while their stock has certainly seen impressive gains I am now even more convinced that this company is all BAD!!
    Jensen is the scariest Cult leading Narcissistic freak I have ever seen,
    This POS is still involved in the lawsuit with Matthew Nestler which as I had last read, one judge here in FL ruled in September that half of the case will absoloutely remain in State Court.
    The recent hiring of Ryan Goodwin is also just laughable……this guy is an absoloute freak, one look on his LinkedIn page will have you laughing for hours.
    The guy claims that in 2011 he invented the idea of energy and nutrition in
    “Mayonnaise” packets……like GU…….WHICH CAME OUT IN THE EARLY 90s.
    He states that “I came up with this idea in my head”.
    I also noticed that he keeps bringing in all the same people from all of the shady sides of the MLM world.
    His boy Kevin Giguere that he is in trouble with at Jeunesse came from YTB and so did about 3 or 4 others that are named in the litigation.
    Furthermore LFVN is changing under Jensen….and yes perhaps some may say it’s a good idea and proper path for a company like this…..however it does not fit
    His distributor base at all……we have read posts from these freaks and I have dealt with them in person for 2 years now……and one fact remains……they are
    The “true believer” “shills” that so many have described them as.
    They like LFVN because they believe Protandim works and they love the SCIENCE story that Myhill and McCord had pitched.
    But now JENSEN is just relabeling crappy products that he thinks will sell,
    And there is no science behind them.
    Also the distributor base is beginning to fade in my general area,
    I have not seen anyone advance above a 5, all the 4s I have watched have stalled or just left, and I have now heard that they all are overloaded with auto ship products that they don’t want.
    If the Big Blue Calendar has almost all of its meetings in some kind of “party” format…..many many bars and pubs, where they indicate food and alcohol are available……..well trust me…..cheeseburgers wings and beer are not exactly what “weight loss” people are looking for.
    Personally I see this as one big train wreck…….I am not sure when….but I am hoping that it does eventually derail!!!!!!!!

  38. S says:

    Joy, check out this site on https://web.archive.org ;)

  39. Well, that sucks. But at least you extracted yourself from further wasted time, money, and mental energy.

    I would do the same if I were in your shoes. Even with my law degree and (currently inactive) law license, I wouldn’t want to do battle with “real” litigators, and only partly because they are better than me. It’s just a stressful soul sucking experience.

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