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Lending Club Update (May 2015)

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Every few months, I do a net worth review. As I was doing the latest one, I got to my Lending Club account and realized it had been a long time since I've written a Lending Club update.

I hadn't no idea how long it had been.

The last update I found was a year old: Lending Club Update (May 2014)

At the time, I had a "if everything was perfect" rate of return of 8.10%. Using the more likely, "average amount of defaults" my rate of return was expected to be 7.02%

Today, not much has changed.

Lending Club May 2015 Performance

Lending Club May 2015 Performance (Click for larger version)

The high/"perfect" rate of return is 7.83%. The likely/"average" rate of return is 7.18% (pictured above).

It looks safe to say that I'm getting a 7%+ return in Lending Club. I think that's great considering interest rates elsewhere and the consistency I've seen in the account over the years. Investing in the stock market can have some wild swings, but the growth in my Lending Club account is slow and steady. The 200 loans I have seems to eliminate the ups and downs. Don't believe me? Here are many of the reviews of my Lending Club account over the years.

Years of data, consistent gains, a generous 7% return... I think these things could be valuable in any portfolio.

If you agree, sign up for Lending Club today and start earning a health interest rate on your money.

Posted on May 27, 2015.

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