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Lazy Man Politics Policy (and personal finance links)

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You may have noticed that I didn't mention much about politics in the last few weeks. My reasoning for this isn't that it doesn't effect your personal finances. It's just that I believe people can be financially successful in any kind political environment in the United States.

I hear a lot about one candidate's tax plan vs. another. People like to make a big deal about it. I believe that to some degree we are all going to pay similar taxes. The government needs to have it's money to run and they are going to have to get it from somewhere. You might see some candidates take more from certain people, but I don't see big differences between them.

Sometimes I wonder if Kodos said it best, "It's true, we are aliens. But what are you going to do about it? It's a two-party system; you have to vote for one of us." Anyone let's get on to the links. I just thought I'd clear that up in case you were wondering.

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One Response to “Lazy Man Politics Policy (and personal finance links)”

  1. Erik says:

    I agree that your personal finance isn’t directly affected by which president is elected. It’s about breaking bad habits, making wise decisions, and living on less money than you earn. Do those things and it doesn’t matter who is in the white house.

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