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Lazy Man Answers a Money Question

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First, I started giving a weekly review of my finances, soon after came guest posts and Personal Finance Weekend Reviews. Today, I've been included in the debut of the Money Question.

The concept is pretty simple. Someone submits a question and a few personal finance bloggers tackle it the best we can. By the end of the article the person asking the question has lot of ideas to explore. All the usual disclaimers apply, such as seek out a financial professional. This may be more true than usual because often the questions will come with only half the information.

So be sure you check out this week's Money Question. If you need a question asked send it to lazymanandmoneysignature.png

Posted on April 12, 2007.

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Money Question

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One Response to “Lazy Man Answers a Money Question”

  1. Kenric says:

    Hi Lazyman,

    I wrote a post about non-financial goals and how they influence our financial goals. I’d like to see a post on your opinion of them. I guess it’s not really a money question unless I ask it this way, “Do you have non-financial goals and how do they affect your financial goals?”

    My post is here:

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