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Keeping Yourself Motivated as a Startup Owner

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[Typically, I don't do like to do back-to-back guest posts here, but I couldn't resist the topic given my own Money Start-Up... and I need all the motivation I can get. The following is a guest post by James Stevenson.]

Starting a business provides many opportunities but the process is also going to be difficult. At times, you will find it almost impossible to keep yourself motivated and to stay positive. Startups require a lot of time and effort. The results will become evident after a certain period of time. Follow these simple steps to keep yourself motivated from day one until you start accomplishing your goals.

Obstacles are there to be Overcome

As clichéd as it sounds, each obstacle should be seen as an opportunity. Things will never go according to plan. Expecting a certain course of development is only going to get you disappointed.

Remain flexible and think about the best way to deal with the specific situation. It may come out better than what you had initially planned. Use your creativity and business talent to find the best solution for every problem. The more committed you are to making it happen; the easier it will become to overcome the obstacles.

Solid Financial Planning will Make It Easier

Solid financial planning will facilitate the task of getting started because many startup owners worry about the monetary side of the project.

Come up with a good business plan for the first few years of your company’s existence. Try to be realistic in your estimates and expectations. Knowing how much money you will need will give you the motivation to find an investor or the best funding option.

Talk to professionals to make your financial plan adequate and representative of your startup needs. Visit a forensic accountant’s website to get more information. Forensic accountants will help you with the calculations and they will also make it easier for you to stay away from scams. You will also get to discuss taxation issues and tax investigations. Being prepared for the worst-case scenario will take the stress out of the equation and help you perform better as a manager.

Choose the Right Business Partners and Employees

Surrounding yourself with positive, knowledgeable individuals will help you stay motivated and keep going.

Many startup owners give up precisely because they lack the right kind of support structure. Get someone you trust involved in the project. Sharing responsibilities and hearing words of encouragement will really give you the strength needed to continue.

Be very careful when it comes to hiring employees. Choose knowledgeable people that have experience, even if you have to pay higher salaries. The investment in human resources will pay itself off very soon.

Set Achievable Goals

Coming up with one major goal is going to make the task very challenging. Instead, divide each phase into small, achievable goals.

Smaller goals are easier to accomplish. At the same time, knowing that you managed to do it will make you feel good about yourself and about your startup. Small goals will soon accumulate to something bigger.

Your business plan should be divided into achievable steps. The smaller they are, the easier it will be for you to get there and to enjoy the results.

Find an Emotional Outlet

Find the right kind of emotional outlet. Otherwise, you risk becoming the victim of stress and the medical conditions related to it. Being a startup owner is exceptionally stressful because all of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. Try to find something that will help you relax and forget about your business worries.

Fitness or an aerobics class will be great emotional outlets. Physical activity takes out the negative emotions and helps you overcome stress. Spending quality time with your family is another great way to unwind from the day at the office.

Your home should be a place of peace, comfort and relaxation. Leave the business worries at the office door. Thinking about your startup all the time is only going to decrease your productivity.

Allow Yourself to Celebrate Small Achievements

The celebration of successes is an important part of keeping yourself and your employees motivated. Many startup owners are so dedicated to moving forward that they forget to slow down and enjoy the current moment. Corporate victories are really sweet, especially in the start. Take the time to pat yourself on the shoulder.

Organize small parties, even if your company has achieved a really minor victory. Rewarding yourself makes you feel good about everything that you have accomplished on your own. You deserve to celebrate victories, even if everybody else considers them insignificant.

There is nothing more challenging than starting your own business. Everything is at stake and the level of stress is tremendous. To be active and productive, however, you need to discover the best ways of keeping yourself motivated. Motivation depends on your goals, your planning and the everyday business processes. There is nothing wrong with slowing down every now and then and finding an emotional outlet. Take care of your emotional health and you will increase the chances of startup success.

Last updated on February 14, 2014.

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One Response to “Keeping Yourself Motivated as a Startup Owner”

  1. Kirk Kinder says:

    Great advice. As a small business owner, I couldn’t agree more. The key is to know you will be bipolar for the first few years. One day, it will seem like the world will end, and you made a horrible mistake starting a small business. The next day, you will feel like you have the world by the horns. Just hang in there and stay focused.

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