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Infant CPR Day (and Personal Finance Links)

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In a few minutes I'm off to learn infant CPR... and I think some adult CPR as well. I should have done this long ago, but at least I'm getting it in now. I've been told that the cost of this one day training is usually around $60, but in Silicon Valley that's $110. Yikes! I'll put that in the category of baby insurance. Not sure if that makes it feel any cheaper.

Lately I've been consumed by HerbaLife, and the pyramid scheme questions around it. It looks like a lot of people are finally starting to learn about MLMs. There are three great articles that I really think are must-reads: Barron's (part of it may require subscription, sometimes it worked for me and other times it didn't), CNBC, and Fraud Files. The last one is from an MLM expert, so it is quite in-depth and informed. The Barron's one is a popular business journal. It is rare to see mainstream media write about MLMs being pyramid schemes nowadays - the threat of lawyers usually make the article not worth it.

Finally, here are the personal finance links (some of which may be old as I've fell behind in publishing these):

Posted on May 14, 2012.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Neither $60 nor $110 is cheap-but if you ever need what you learn (for your child or anyone else’s), you will realize just how inexpensive it is.

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