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Independence “In So Many Ways”

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I hope all my readers in the United States are having a great Independence Day. (I don't have a lot of readers outside of the US, but I didn't want you to be confused.)

The title of this article is inspired by my 3-year old's new favorite song from Daniel Tiger: "In some ways we are different, but in so many ways, we are the same..."

One of the many rewarding things about being a father is reflecting on the education of the next generation. In this case, there's a unifying message that I don't remember seeing elsewhere.

If only we could convey similar messages to adults. Maybe we can piggyback on "important" things such as "what color a dress is" or "the 'historic' white iPhone."

Sorry, that went on such a tangent... I almost feel bad mentioning that this is the 40th anniversary of Rocky Balboa going the distance against Apollo Creed.

Back to Independence

I feel that I can't do justice to the importance of Independence Day... and there are so many writers and bloggers who can do a much job than I can. If you are interested in it, you've probably already read your fill of articles.

While on the topic, I find it hard to ignore that Brexit was billed as a move towards independence. I'm not usually one to comment on world politics, but I found it interesting that the next day seemed like the UK woke up with a hang-over. For a few days, the financial markets agreed. It seems hard to find people who can make a logical argument for it, but maybe I've been reading the wrong news?

I thought hard about telling people to jump in an invest on the Brexit hiccup, but I didn't think it was enough of a hiccup.

Personal Independence

Finally, I want to write about financial independence. After all, when I started this website years ago, the idea was to "make my money work so I don't have to."

I've covered a number of topics, such as peer-to-peer investing and MLM scams, but financial independence has always been the main focus. I have to calculate my net worth numbers for this month, but there's a chance, we could have reached a most important milestone.

That would be something worth celebrating, but I have another level of independence that I'm celebrating as well. I can't go into details except to say that it's more complicated than the average person ever has to deal with. I never feel like I have all the answers, but at this point in time, I certainly feel like I have most of them where it matters. Maybe one of those answers will allow me to be more transparent about what this paragraph really means.

Posted on July 4, 2016.

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