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Improve Your Blog and Personal Finance Links

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For those of you who have a blog, Blogthority is offering a new blog review service to help you blog better. They'll review your blog and give you their opinion on a number of areas such as: appearance, branding, readability, image usage, search engine optimization, monetization, and code validation. I'm really just touching the tip of the iceberg, for a better idea, I'd look at their sample report. The part that I like the best is the Improvement Checklist at the end. I'm at my Laziest when things aren't organized. Even I can find the time to burn through a few items.

Unfortunately it's a lot of time and effort to put together a report like this together - so it's going to cost some money. The price is $49.99, but Lazy Man and Money readers can save $10 by using the coupon code of LM8571. For those of you writing about what your cat did this weekend, that's probably more than you want to spend. However, if you make a few hundred dollars it's well worth it.

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5 Responses to “Improve Your Blog and Personal Finance Links”

  1. Pinyo says:

    Lazy, thank you for sharing my new reporting service with your readers. I have been incorporating some suggestions from bloggers like you and the new version is even more comprehensive and organized than the sample. I’ll be sure to update the sample when I have time.

  2. Hey LM – Check the “Blogthority” link. It has an extra “http” in the address.

  3. headknocker says:

    Thanks for the tip, Lazy. There is a wealth of knowledge in the PF Blogosphere.

  4. RateNerd says:

    Great post – its really helpful to have another set of eyes look at the blog for readability, usability and of course indexibility. Nice work!

  5. Enrique S says:

    Thanks for the link, Lazy Man. I’m just starting with my blog, and this will provide a nice critique.

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