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I’m Back and Some Sundry Travel Thoughts

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I'd like to thank my readers for sticking with me through two weeks of guest posts while I was away. From the comments, it seems like the guest posts went well. I want to thank those writers again and I only hope that I can keep up the quality of those posts.

Yesterday, we travelled back from Aruba to San Francisco. It meant getting up at 4:30ET for a 8AM flight from Aruba to Miami. From there we went to Miami - a short flight. In Miami we had to wait 5 hours for the first flight to San Francisco. Amazingly there were two flights within 10 minutes of each other at that time. I guess it would have killed American Airlines to spread them out a bit.

I don't understand the logic behind the 50 pound per bag weight limit that airlines have. My wife and I had three bags to bring back. They allow 4 checked bags at no addition charge. One might make the logical assumption that we could bring 200 pounds of luggage with us before we'd get charged a fee. We had 2 of our bags weigh 60 pounds and a third clocked in at 25 pounds. To stay within compliance, we had to shift some weight around to the smaller bag risking overstuffing the bag and tying up the line in the process (we didn't have a scale to pre-weigh our bags in Aruba). This didn't reduce the weight at all.

For now, I'm trying to adjust to the new timezone and catching up with all that's gone on for the last two weeks. Expect a few articles on vacationing on a budget over the next couple of days. Also, I may have a big announcement to make in the next few days.

Posted on November 19, 2007.

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11 Responses to “I’m Back and Some Sundry Travel Thoughts”

  1. FMF says:

    1. Welcome back!

    2. I LOVE Aruba — went there 10 years ago or so (before kids.)

    3. Given that you just returned from a tropical paradise, I feel no sympathy that you have jet lag. ;-)

    4. I live in Michigan. People here go to where you live for great weather. ;-)

  2. Laura says:

    Welcome back! I look forward to your vacation posts, since I’m going on one this week. I could use some tips. :)

  3. paidtwice says:

    Welcome back! I’m glad it was fun and I can;t wait for the big announcement :)

    PS Update Lazy Man and Sports my spouse is going into withdrawal. He checks it every day. I finally had to tell him you were on vacation. lol

  4. Ernesto says:

    Welcome back, Aruba sound groovey.

    My favorite airline baggage trick: charging extra for bikes; bike carriers are made to be exactly the same size as two suitcases. Yet when you show up, they never measure, they never weigh, they ask what’s inside. Tell them it’s a bicycle and they charge your $100. Kills me everytime.

  5. MoneyNing says:

    Welcome back :)

    I wonder what the announcement is!

    The baggage limit is to make sure everyone doesn’t try to bring everything on the plane and weigh it down. It is the airline’s way of saving gas.

  6. Lazy Man says:

    But the way they do it, doesn’t save them any weight. If they said, 100 pounds per person I’d understand. But when they charge you depending on how you divide that up in bags, that’s just really weird.

  7. Patrick says:

    Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time.

    I think the bag rules are dumb too. It’s all about maximizing the amount of money the airline makes; nothing else.

  8. I’m excited to hear about your announcement. I have a few guesses. :D It’s great to have you back, we missed you!

  9. Martijn says:

    Maybe the weight limit is to make sure a bag isn’t to heavy so:
    – it doesn’t burst open, causes a mess and then it takes time (and money) to clean up
    – a normal employee won’t hurt himself while hauling with the bags so the airline won’t get sued

  10. Welcome back! I’m glad you had a good vacation!

  11. Fecundity says:

    Welcome back. I loved Aruba when I went a few years back.

    The 50lb per bag limit is so the baggage employees don’t hurt themselves lugging (read: throwing) your stuff around.

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