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I think I’m rubbing off on my fiancee

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We headed up to Hawaii's North Shore a couple of days ago. There's a good chance that when you are watching a surfing competition with 10-15 foot waves, it's from this area. We decided to stop at the "Pipeline." It had become so synonymous with surfing that I thought it was just a generic term for a place where the waves are conducive to surfing. I guess it's just a very specific place.

However, as Murphy's Law would have it, there were no significant waves when we went. There were quite a few surfers out there, but the waves didn't look to get over 3 feet. I would have had no fear going out swimming. It was at this point that my fiancee asked the lifeguard where the waves were. When she found out she said she was going to charge touritsts $10 for the answer. Obviously, it's not the best business plan, but she's starting to think which is pretty good.

You want to know why there weren't any waves? It turns out that there needs to be some kind of tsunami or storm in Japan to get those picturesque waves. As "luck" would have it, Japan received such a storm the next day, yet for some reason the waves have not come. That's been one of the few disappointments on this trip.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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One Response to “I think I’m rubbing off on my fiancee”

  1. Savvy Samurai says:

    What a coincidence, I was in Hawaii last week. I was at North Shore last Wednesday and was also disappointed to find it absolutely flat. Its bigger here in So Cal. Well at least I got to longboard at Waikiki. Try out the Limu Poke at Costco. Aloha!

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