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How to Ask for a Raise (Part 4 – Final)

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Back in May, I wrote three posts on how to ask for a raise. I don't really feel I got what I should have and my old company went as far to say that I should be getting about 15% more, but it just wasn't in the budget.

I wouldn't bring it up except that this month's Money magazine mentions it on page 54B (by the way, what's up with the letters). Their first hint was to toot your own horn. Well they had done that part for me saying what I terrific job I had been doing. I got a combination response of "tied hands" (nothing in the budget), and "lowball" (much less than I was expecting). So, I accepted the raise with dignity, but suggested an alternative (as Money Magazine suggests) to substitute the difference. Unfortunately that went nowhere as well and I ended up leaving the company, not solely due to that, but that played a large role.

It makes me feel good that I played the game well. I just wish both sides could have come to an agreement. I know that we both would have been better off if we did.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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