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How More and More Businesses are moving to Tablet EPoS Systems

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Businesses everywhere have been updating their outdated tills to tablet EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems. EPoS systems themselves are already godsends to those involved in the retail world, allowing merchants a faster and simpler way to accept their payments from customers. They’re also hugely versatile, catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors. If you with in a B2C environment, EPoS systems their uses are virtually endless.


Using a tablet EPoS system at your business allows for a versatility that appeals to customers just as much as it appeals to your employees. The various different types of EPoS systems available now is part of an ever growing list, with the tablet form being at the forefront of EPoS technology. The appeal of a far less cluttered point of sale, allows for a sleeker, more polished design in any retail business, allowing for faster, more accurate calculations and a sale that simply looks better.

An Asset

Tablet EPoS systems have the capacity to catapult your business into the future. Although the initial cost of the systems may seem pricey at first, the services they provide are definitely an investment. Over time EPoS has a tendency to pay for itself though, helping increase sales through correct pricing and improving the quality of stock management and control through real time reporting.

Many retailers who have already invested in tablet EPoS systems comment that the tech makes their stores look far more professional. Updating just one piece of sales technology can give the feel of complete revamp. It almost goes without saying, but customers always appreciate the look of a clean and modern business, and that is something that EPoS offers.


With tablet EPoS systems you have security, knowing that transactions and sales that will be performed correctly, cutting down on the human errors that we all make. These tablet EPoS systems benefit the employees, helping simplify and speed up the entire sales process. Rather than waiting on an antiquated system, your staff can find what they need with just a few taps on the screen. Faster sales mean higher customer satisfaction, too, showing that EPoS systems once again make retail life far easier.


The new tablet EPoS system takes merely minutes to set up, and has a clean, stylish interface which can manage your business sales and inventory from anywhere, on any linked device. Tablet EPoS systems have become far more flexible than their predecessors too, with some even being detachable from their stands, creating a new sense of mobility within the workplace. On top of this, tablet EPoS systems come with internal storage, meaning that you can access sales data even while off-site. If you’re so inclined, you can even take your EPoS home with you, letting you manage your business on the go.

Last updated on January 28, 2016.

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