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How Do You Feel About Cashback Sites?

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I've been on the fence on cashback sites for a long time. I read so many trusted friends and bloggers who rave about them. Yet, I don't think they'd work out that well for me.

I buy almost everything though Amazon. I think most cashback sites support Amazon. However, as a blogger, I know that if I use a fellow blogger's affiliate link, Amazon will give them a little money crediting them for the sale. It's a way that I can thank them for providing me great content free of charge. (By the way, if I happen to be one of your favorite bloggers, you can shop using this link.)

About ten months ago, I got an email from Rich at DollarDig. He wanted to tell me all about his great cashback site. I gave it a quick look and the design looked more dated than Lazy Man and Money. I made the too-quick judgment that there really wasn't much to see here. However, when I shared my thoughts with Rich, I realized something was different about this company...

... he actually listened and cared. Sometimes I find myself spending hours helping companies provide better service (Fidelity, I'm looking at you) and they refuse to listen. (I've since gone on to charge a consulting fee, but DollarDig got my advice for free.)

I gave him a list of things that I'd do if I worked at his company. Well, he went and implemented all of them. The site looks so good I might need to ask who his designer is.

That still begs the question though, "What makes DollarDig.com different than the competition?"

Rich explained that they offer more cashback at most stores when compared to Ebates.com (one of the biggest companies in the space). He also pointed out that CashBackHolic.com, the leading site that rates cashback sites has great reviews. I looked up those reviews and they scored a 9.2 of 10. He said that people will get a $5 bonus for signing up and they've had 250% growth in members in just the last year.

He said that support is prompt and courteous... replies usually within hours (sometimes minutes!), and a day at the most. If it's anything like my experience in talking with him, they deliver.

I'm biased because this is one of the few companies I've ever looked into, but more money back to members, better reviews, and solid customer service. As a small business myself, I can empathize with the challenges DollarDig has.

Seems like they might be would be worth a try, right? Readers, what do you say?

Last updated on December 9, 2015.

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3 Responses to “How Do You Feel About Cashback Sites?”

  1. Lulu says:

    I used to think most of them were a scam but I got into one that really pays. I now use Swagbucks for ALL my online shopping because it supports most of the big stores where I shop online. Most important for me is that it supports Walmart since that is where the bulk of my shopping comes from!!!

  2. Rich says:

    Hi Lulu –

    You might want to try Dollar Dig – my site. I have Walmart (US & Canada) as well as 3,500 other stores. If you sign up and use our site, I’m sure you’ll get more cashback and be happier!

    Thank you.

  3. Some are scam, some are OK. But basically is that I expect more from them, and every time I get less.

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