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Homemade Gift Ideas for Under $10

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The best gifts are from the heart and the hands. But so many are intimidated in fear of not being perfect or spending too much on supplies. However, there are some easy, stress free, and low cost DIY’s out there that anyone can do. Here’s my 5 personal favorite gift ideas that will have them wow-ing for under $10 in supplies.

5 Great Homemade Gifts for Under $10

1. Chapstick

We all need them, and we all lose them too! So why spend $10, 20, 30 on chapstick every year? Instead, you can make your gift receiver homemade chapstick they’ll want to keep handy all year round.


4 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tbsp. beeswax palettes
1 mini baby food jar or lipstick tube
Optional: Essential oil (your favorite flavor); red fruit punch mix (for color)


  • Mix all of your ingredients together, including optional items in a bowl. If adding red color, add a little bit at a time before you get the desired red or pink color.
  • Microwave at 15-second intervals and stir between warming.
  • While still in liquid form, pour into container and allow to cool at room temperature.

2. Personalized Mugs

Personalized mugs are the hottest item this season. From initials to fun sayings and pictures, your friends and family will love these! But they don’t cost much to make, especially if you have a great eye for design or if you have kids who want to get creative to make a grandparent a gift.


Dollar-store ceramic or porcelain mug
Paint- or oil-based pens
Alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol


  • Clean mug with alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol and allow to completely dry.
  • Use pens to draw or design. If you make a mistake, using the rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to erase.
  • Let dry at room temperature in a cool area.
  • Place in oven set at 425° for one hour.
  • Turn off the oven and let it cool fully inside.

3. Personalized Apron

Chefs and want-to-be foodies love gifts that can be used inside their favorite space. One of my personal favorites is receiving aprons that are personalized to my kitchen or full of humor. But you don’t need to sew or embroider to create a quality apron. Here’s how to do it for less.


Apron in color of your choice
Iron-on letters or quotes


  • Lay out the letters or quotes first and use a pencil to make small marks in case things get moved around.
  • Follow the directions for the iron on letters, especially paying attention to times and heat settings.

4. Vintage Chalk or Cork Board

Vintage is still in style, especially bold colors or golds and bronzes. A quick trip to the thrift store can help you complete this cute project any girl or college student will love. Change out cork and chalk to make it more personalized for your needs.


Ornate vintage frame
Spray paint (or regular paint with brushes)
Corkboard or chalkboard paint (for frame backing)


  • Select an ornate frame and use the sandpaper to take the shine out of the original color.
  • Spray paint or paint with regular brushes at least two coats.
  • Cut the corkboard or the backing piece to fit into the frame.

5. Photo Drink Coasters

Photo gifts are always a hit, especially for loved ones and family members. However, you don’t need to get yours outsourced or wait for weeks for an online site to create it. Making yours can take just minutes, but you’ll be sharing a lifetime of memories.


Porcelain tiles
Printed photos in tile size
Sticky felt pads


  • Clean tiles thoroughly and let dry.
  • Put a thin layer of Modpodge on the front of the tile and then lay photo carefully on.
  • Dry for 15 minutes and then place 3 more coats, allowing the same drying time between. Do not place anything on tiles for at least 1 day to allow to fully set.
  • Apply felt pads to corners of the tiles or cutting so that it fits the bottom

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Posted on December 15, 2015.

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