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Here’s a Cheap Last Minute Valentine’s Plan

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So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Are you ready?

I had awesome luck yesterday and I thought maybe sharing the story could spur some action. I happen to have two stores near me that had everything I needed: Aldi and a Dollar store (not sure which one).

Aldi has a half-dozen roses for $3.99. They have them at this price year-round making them perfect for a splurge without breaking the bank. They had a more elaborate dozen roses with baby's breath for $12.99. That's not a bad price either.

The next stop was the Dollar Store. They had so many items for a dollar. Valentine's cards were two for a dollar. On the back, they were priced at $2.25. They aren't the most elaborate cards, but it's the thought that counts. I needed to get two cards anyway (one from me and one from the kids) so it was perfect. They also had balloons for a buck. I got one for the flowers.

At the end of the trip, I spent a total of $7 and got: roses ($4), cards ($1), balloon ($1), and candy ($1). I think the same stuff would cost me $20-25 at CVS.

I'm not advocating cheaping out Valentine's Day. We've got a very nice dinner planned for Valentine's Day itself. However, if you can get 95% of the value for 30% of the money, I call that a big win. The only better than saving $15-20 is being able to share that with readers. I hope you can take advantage of the deals.

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Posted on February 13, 2015.

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2 Responses to “Here’s a Cheap Last Minute Valentine’s Plan”

  1. Love it! I’m a big fan of frugalizing any and every holiday. I think Market Basket had a similar deal on roses.

    My husband and I actually didn’t exchange cards or gifts, but, he cooked us a delicious meal (split pea soup and homemade bread) and we just enjoyed spending the evening at home together. Now we’re watching this unreal addition of snow fall!!

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