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Helping Your Family through Their Grief

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Life is for the living, and you want to enjoy every moment until it comes to an end. However, it is important to take some time out and figure out the answers to some important and difficult questions. It is not easy to think of what will happen after you have passed away, but it needs to be done.

By announcing your wishes in last will and testament, you are setting a guideline for your family to follow once you have passed. Having this estate planning document is critical. Traditionally, these are written and certified in a law office. However, if you rather not or are unable to go to a law office in person, there is another option. LegalZoom can assist you in making sure that your final wishes are put into writing and delivered to your family.

The Importance of a Will

Your last will and testament fulfills many important purposes. It is your voice on certain issues once you have passed away. For instance, it can set out how to divide up your belongings and who should get what, two topics that are addressed in a will.

However, division of property is not the only reason a will is drawn up. It will also name an executor of your will. This is the person who will be responsible for ensuring your final wishes are met and acted upon. This may seem like an easy choice. However, there are a few things to consider when picking the right executor for your will, according to nj.com. Every situation is unique, but naming the surviving spouse or an older child as your executor can be a good way to ensure that things go the way you want them to. Many new parents create wills for the legal protection of their minor children in the event that something catastrophic happens to them, according to the Globe and Mail. Among the other instructions parents can leave in the event of their untimely demise are instructions concerning guardianship.

If you are not sure exactly how to express the importance of your thoughts or put in writing your custody plan for your children, research through LegalZoom can help with all of these needs.

Final Plans

Beyond setting up the guardianship of your children or the division of your assets, there is another extremely important reason to write out your will. Everyone from your doctor to your family members will need to be informed of your final wishes. This can be handled in two different, but still very important formats.

The living will is an important legal document that should be drawn up as soon as you are of legal age to do so. In fact, many doctors and hospitals require a copy of this information prior to a patient undergoing any type of medical procedure. You may ask yourself why this is important. It's because the information it contains can spell out very specific answers to hard questions should an unforeseen complication arise, according to Elon University. Some of the information contained in a living will includes items such as:

  • What your wishes are if you are ill to speak for yourself.
  • Who can make life support decisions for you.
  • Any DNR instructions.
  • If you wish to be an organ donor.

Beyond your living will, a final will and testament will spell out all of your wishes. Writers can even include exactly how they want their family to say goodbye to them. This information can be reassuring for family members to have access to, as it will help guide them through the grief of your loss, according to the Seattle Times. If you are planning your own funeral, consider it your ideal going away party. Now is the time to let your friends and family know what kind of mood you want at the final goodbye and whether or not you would like to be buried or cremated.

Your last will and testament is perhaps one of the most important documents that you will ever write. It should be written out when you are of sound mind and are able to think clearly. Just because it is your last will does not mean it cannot be adjusted as needed while you are still alive. Consider a living will in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency that renders you comatose and unable to speak for yourself. The thought of writing your own will is not the most pleasant, however, it is essential for your family and loved ones' peace of mind.

Last updated on February 19, 2015.

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