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Happy Self-Appreciation day!

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Even though I've been writing for about seven months now, there are probably still a few things you don't know about me.  Today, I'm going to cut that number down by one.

For whatever reason, I believe the grass is greener on the other side.  I know a lot of you are nodding, thinking, "yeah me too."  Well, like everything else I do, I take it to the extreme.  If I get a hamburger, I'm wondering if I should have gotten the steak.  Along similar lines, I always want to do better.  If my income is X, I want it to be X+5.  If my blog traffic is Y, I want it to be Y times 5.

So today, and the 13th of every month (to counter balance the bad luck), I'm going to look back and appreciate the things in life that I do have.  I've got the rest of the month worry about where I'm going or what I don't have.  I hope you'll take a couple of minutes of your day and join me.

(By the way, Self-Appreciation Day, to my knowledge, is not a real holiday.  Maybe some day it will be.)

Posted on December 13, 2006.

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6 Responses to “Happy Self-Appreciation day!”

  1. Golbguru says:

    Yes sir, I will be happy to join you :)
    For some reason, I see your attitude as a very positive thing…that drive to achieve something more over what can be normally achieved is what makes some people actually achieve more than the rest.
    So when you look back and appreciate the things you have, make sure you thank this “I want to do better” attitude also :)

  2. prlinkbiz says:

    Law of Attraction yo! The more you appreciate what you already have, the more of the good things you’ll get! Great idea!

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  4. Foobarista says:

    You’ve definitely got your inner Jewish mother working for you…

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