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I appreciate your interest in writing for Lazy Man and Money. I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to write quality posts. I've written many guest posts in my time simply to have them rejected. It is extremely disappointing to have an article you diligently worked on for hours rejected. Trust me, it isn't fun for me to reject articles either. You can avoid rejection by following the tips below.

How to get your Guest Post Published

  • Give it your best effort - Take the guest posting opportunity to showcase the value of your website to a new audience. Focus on delivering the very best post possible, so that Lazy Man and Money readers react with, "I need read that website everyday!"
  • Make it appropriate for Lazy Man and Money - Focus on topics relevant to the audience. Typically Lazy Man and Money focuses on personal finance.
  • Make the post interesting - We often inject a little a humor and/or pop-culture references into our articles. We'd appreciate it if you'd do the same.
  • Read Lazy Man and Money - The best way to get a feel for the style of Lazy Man and Money is to become an everyday reader.
  • Be a part of the Lazy Man and Money Community - Lazy Man and Money is largely focused on community. If you've contributed in the past with great comments and suggestions, I will typically recognize that effort
  • Write in a blog format - People tend to scan web content... putting 300 words in a paragraph won't work. Make use of section headers, bullet points, bolding, etc. to help the reader.
  • You followed the Post Requirements section below

Top Reasons your Guest Post May Be Rejected

Successful guest posters will understand that we need to maintain the standards of quality that our readers have become used to. Here are some common pitfalls:

  • Your website is too commercial - If your website's home page is a store and not a blog, chances of publication drop dramatically
  • Your website is a poor fit with the Lazy Man and Money audience - You may have a great website or blog. However, not every blog is a good fit for the Lazy Man and Money audience.
  • Your reason for guest posting is for search engines - There are Internet marketers who submit guest posts with the purpose of trying rank well in search engines for lucrative keywords. Don't be one of these people.
  • Your post was too political or religious in nature - Lazy Man and Money recognizes that its readers come from a variety of religious and political beliefs. Your guest post should be careful not to have bias for or against any religious or political belief.
  • Your post doesn't appear to be from a native English speaker - I am always amazed by people who can speak and write in many languages. However, sometimes when English is not the primary language of the author, the guest post isn't suitable for publishing.

Post Requirements

  • The post must be original content that hasn't been previous published. If I accept the post, you agree to not offer the content to another website. (If I do not accept your guest post, please market it to other website as you see fit.)
  • The post should be in HTML format. Suggested tags are <b>, </b>, <em>, </em>, <ol>, </ol>, <ul>, </ul>, <li>, </li>. Those submitting in Word doc format, will be asked to submit it in HTML format.
  • You can suggest an image as long as you own the copyright or the image's licensing allows it to be posted on blogs.
  • The post should be between 300 and 600 words. I will take longer guest posts if the point(s) being made requires it.
  • You should not have any affiliate links in your guest post.
  • You should submit a biography of 1-3 sentences introducing you and your website. I may edit this or augment it as I see fit.
  • I may edit your post without consulting you for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • I may format the post to be consistent with other Lazy Man and Money posts.

Please note that I intend to post guest posts very rarely. This is necessary to keep the voice, brand, and style of articles consistent on Lazy Man and Money. I can not guarantee a timely posting of your article. Depending on the number of guest posts I have in the queue, the wait could be weeks or months. A high-quality post and strong adherence to the above guidelines will help your post get published sooner rather than later.

Last updated on April 19, 2012.

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