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Grocery Stores in San Francisco?

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It occurred to me today that how efficient I've become at living in Boston. Between grocery stores like Shaw's, Stop and Shop, and Roche Brother's, I can usually get good cuts of chicken, pork, and steak at prices at or below $1.99 a pound. I know when all the sales are going to be so that I can get similar deals on ice cream or Thomas' English muffins.

I know there are still Trader Joes' which is going to be a relief. In fact, I'm looking forward to purchasing actual Two Buck Chuck instead of the 2.99 version we have here in Boston. Unfortunately, Trader Joe's tends not to have too many bargains. I know there will likely have deals and I'll be able to adjust. Where I lived previously, there was only one grocery store option nearby.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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