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Goodbye Robin

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Sometimes is it worthwhile to take a break from person finance. There are so many wonderful things in this universe and it's quite possible that money is the most boring of all them.

As everyone knows by now,

I realized that it isn't about adding commentary, it is about recognizing Greatness. I won't bore you by regurgitating his greatness. I'm sure every ready is more than familiar with his resume.

Writing about great comedians dying, unfortunately, isn't exactly unprecedented in this space. Six years ago I wrote a small tribute to George Carlin. I will probably suspend this blog for week if Steven Wright ever dies (he is most likely immortal, right?)

I watched every episode of Robin Williams first show, Mork and Mindy and every episode of his last, The Crazy Ones. It may have been 30 years since I saw it, but I still remember Mork smashing eggs on his head looking for his "gleek" to keep him alive. I, of course, missed some of his work in between. I fell asleep twice while trying to watch Cadillac Man. I would have watched The Crazy Ones without Robin, because I'm hoping Ms. Gellar can do something as great as Buffy again. However, it was clear early on in the show that Robin Williams was going to steal the stage. I can't think of anyone who can pull off the funny/crazy/unpredictable combination Williams, though Jim Carrey can come close sometimes. In The Crazy Ones, Williams was able to be that character again. I remember after watching the first episode, I told my wife (who didn't see the show), "Robin Williams was Robin Williams again." It was great that he could dazzle in serious roles, but I can get that from a ton of actors. Give me more Mork, because only Robin Williams could do it.

Living in Silicon Valley, I always hoped I'd run into him. Alas, I never met anyone who was truly that famous. I did have some close friends who met him and they only had great things to say about him. On that they met him, my wife ate lunch next to Steve Jobs. I can tell you whose story I was more interested in hearing and let me say that it wasn't someone whose last name rhymes with Bobs. (Oddly, in the 6 years we were there, I don't remember anyone running into celebrities on any other day.)

On a related note, does it seem to anyone else that as the great comedians die there's no one else coming up to replace them? Who is as good as Pryor, Williams, Carlin, Candy, and Farley? There are still some out great comedians left, but I can't think of any with potential "legendary" status that have come along in the last 5 years or so.

Just when I think laughter is dead, my two year son broke into dance when the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army came on. I guess the world keeps spinning. Until next week, nanu nanu.

Posted on August 15, 2014.

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