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Going on Vacation, but the Writing Continues

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I'm going on my honeymoon this week and next. Since I will be outside the country, I will likely have a limited Internet connection. This means that I might be a little slow approving comments. I may also be blogging, but even if I can't, have no fear - there will be plenty to read.

Several newer bloggers who I've been reading for some time have been kind enough to submit guest posts. Amazingly all of the guest posts had something relevant to the Lazy Man theme. Some chose to write about the lazy aspect and while other wrote about alternative income. I will also be sneaking in some of my own articles throughout the two weeks, so stay on the look out for those.

Posted on November 5, 2007.

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8 Responses to “Going on Vacation, but the Writing Continues”

  1. Sound like a fun two weeks. Have a great time!

  2. Laura says:

    Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. Invest Free Money says:

    Blogging while on your honeymoon? Geez, when I went on mine, I was too busy slipping Pina Coladas on the beach. Have fun!

  4. A working vacation, especially on your honeymoon? When I was engaged, my ex-fiance promised me she would have broken my laptop if I brought it with to blog…maybe that’s why we’re not married now…

  5. MoneyNing says:

    I was warned by my fiancee that I cannot use the computer on our honeymoon! Good luck to you! :)

  6. It’s times like these when scheduled entries come in handy.

  7. Mrs. Micah says:

    Happy honeymooning! :)

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