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Getting Close to the Move and Still no Job

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You'd think it would be easy to find a job in Silicon Valley for an engineer with 7-8 years of experience. Every recruiter (and there have been 40-50) says that it shouldn't be a problem. Yet, I haven't gotten any offers and they don't seem to be coming back to me as much as they did just a couple of weeks ago.

Fate may have stepped in when Lifehacker (one of my favorite blogs) pointed me in the direction of an article on How to Get a Silicon Valley job. You can't get too much more specific or timely than that. The first recommendation is to seek out the companies you like and apply to them. Interestingly, I had sent out an e-mail like that the day before and got a response back really quickly. I'm not used to working for companies that care if their employees use the product - it just makes too much good sense.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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