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A Small Tribute to George Carlin…

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For those of you who have missed the news, famous comedian George Carlin died last night. I'm still in shock. I suppose I shouldn't be, but he seemed to be the type the guy who live to be 120, giving every disease an obscene gesture that's not appropriate for mention on this site.

I've spent much of day trying to decide if I should post something about it. It almost feels like if I didn't, he could still come back tomorrow and we'd find that it was a big mistake. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was praising him for realizing how stupid it is to get a McMansion back in the 1980s.

I learned a lot from watching him. Besides a lot of new four letter words, I learned how language can be one of the best tools that we humans possess. It can be used in so many ways and it's one of the reasons I'm a writer today. It can make us laugh. It can make us cry. Today a lot of people cried including this one.

Posted on June 23, 2008.

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One Response to “A Small Tribute to George Carlin…”

  1. Scott says:

    He was a really smart guy, and will be missed.

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