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The Future of Lazy Man and Money

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You may have noticed that I didn't much last week. It was the annual FinCon personal finance convention in San Diego.

My Susan Lucci streak of losing Plutus Awards is still going strong. The biggest challenger is Stefanie O'Connell, but I've got a few years on her. She'll be fine... she's the next Jean Chatzky.

I was learning new things about personal finance, networking with new people, and getting tips about how to make this website a much better experience for you.

It's shameful that I haven't updated the design since 2007.

I've been working with a website designer to put together something fresh. You'll love it.

Expect to see it in about a month.

While that's going on, I'll be going though the ten years of articles I've written. I'll look for the best bits and pieces I've written. Then I'll combine them into articles that make personal finance easy and actionable.

I plan to start interviewing other personal finance bloggers and people who doing amazing things. I've met a few of them during this conference. Most people will learn something from their journeys. Many people will learn a few things.

Finally, the design will be great for those mobile users. That's the vast majority of you nowadays.

I've got a plan to deliver fewer, but higher quality, ads. If it works out, it will be great for everyone... and hopefully not too damaging to my wallet.

But I'm going to ask you for a little help... the stress on the little.

I need you to leave comments and questions. We learn by sharing thoughts and ideas about what works. Everyone makes mistakes and no one makes more than me... except maybe meteorologists.

This is why I need you to challenge me.

Let's do this!

Last updated on September 25, 2016.

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6 Responses to “The Future of Lazy Man and Money”

  1. Sounds like you got pumped up from FinCon! I’m planning on going next year! I just found your blog but am always excited to see what people are doing with their site designs! Looking forward to what you have in store.

  2. As a long time reader – let me say IT IS ABOUT TIME!

  3. ESI Money says:

    I’m willing to be interviewed by you for your new series.

    Things you might find interesting:

    *Just retired at 52
    *Living off the income from my assets (not spending any assets)
    *Major income source is 14 rental units
    *Strong background in career development

    Let me know if/when you’re interested.

  4. JeeMoney says:

    What city are you from? I’m from San Diego. I didn’t know about FinnCon. I will go next year!

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