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Fun Things You Could Buy with a Million Dollars

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It's not just the Bare Naked Ladies who play, "If I had a Million Dollars", I do too. Today, I enlisted the help of Saffery Champness Accountants who who came up with a few ideas on what they could be bought with $1 million. They decided to come up with some of the more fun things you could buy with a million dollars:

Things You Could Buy With a Million Dollars

Things You Could Buy With a Million Dollars (Click for Larger Version)

Let's play a game. If you had to buy any of these items what would you buy? To make it interesting let's throw out the one practical item, the house in New York. I think you have to go for the island, right? After that I would go with the the submarine or the airplane. It's simple, you have to take the appreciating real estate over the depreciating vehicles. The parking space is an interesting combination of frivolity and real estate. It's still too frivolous for me to rank very high.

After that, I think you have to put the fishing lure, vacuum, bathtub, and necklace into a pile of items that are just ridiculous. However, they have a step up on the brandy that you could consume in a few sittings and have nothing to show for it. The perfume isn't too far different in that it can be consumed too. It'll just last a little longer.

Last updated on October 22, 2012.

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6 Responses to “Fun Things You Could Buy with a Million Dollars”

  1. Traciatim says:

    Why would you pick only 1 item?

    Personally, I would probably buy and Island for about 200K or so. Then buy a pre-fab round house for another 250K or so. If you own an island, you also must own cannons, so a few of those too . . .

  2. Kyle says:

    The Skycatcher is nowhere near $1m. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable aircraft out there – nicely equipped for under $200k.

  3. Steve says:

    Many of these things seem trumped up.

    Step 1) Plate it in gold, encrust it with jewels, and/or have an artist decorate it.
    Step 2) ???
    Step 3) Price it at $1 millon and Profit!

    I would love to own an island someday, that seems cool. But it would have to have a good internet connection.

    • Lazy Man says:

      I decided to only require people 1 item because I was curious what they’d go for.

      Steve, I think you stumbled on the exact plan of the vacuum manufacturer. Actually, they had a better underlying plan, get the publicity for the outrageous item.

      Kyle, I’m sending that company a nastygram for putting the Skycatcher in there.

  4. I’d argue that the island could be practical, if you’re into real estate development. Luxury hotel?

    If I had to pick one, it’d definitely be that. There’s no substitute for location.

  5. Veronica @ Pelican on Money says:

    A million dollar bathtub, now that’s something I’d love to bask in every night!

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