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Frugal Accommodations in Melbourne

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Everyone says I'm a frugal guy. I can't argue with that. The more money I save, the more assets I have to invest with. The more I invest, the closer I am to financial freedom.

In late 2008, I planned a trip to Australia. We had amassed a bunch of Marriott points and we figured the best place to spend them was in Sydney. We'd love to go back and see more of Australia, but we no longer have all those points.

In looking for some affordable rates, I came across, Sleep and Go Hotels. The language on their marketing pages really caught my eye. Specifically they mention being "affordable", having a very "competitive rate", and being a "cheap accommodation." With a gym and a pool, going with the frugal option doesn't mean skipping my workout.

With rooms starting at around $109 a night, I'll still have some money left over beer. From my last trip, I remember the beer being very expensive. I just have to be careful to limit the beer spending and keep that money set aside for investing.

My friend Gary would run from a hotel with a description of being cheap. His theory is: "When I am on vacation, I'm going to spend whatever it takes to have the top experience possible." He also sayd, "You get what you pay for."

I'm the exact opposite. The Sleep and Go Hotel is exactly what I'm looking for when I travel. I don't need a lot of hotel luxury. In fact, I find that a luxurious hotel distracts me from the real reason I travel half-way around the world... to see the sights in a strange new land. When he says, "You get what you pay for", I have to laugh as recalling all the fantastic deals I've gotten with my frugal spending habits over the years.

While he's in his bubble bath, I'll be out driving the The Great Ocean Road or trying to find my way out of the Escape Room or Exitus. I noticed this escape room concept seems to be very popular in Melbourne and it is just getting started in the United States.

I'm sure that Gary enjoys his vacations, but my plan allows me to stretch my vacation budget and see more places. Different people like different things, I suppose.

Last updated on February 19, 2015.

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