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Free Taco Bell Tacos – Courtesy of Tacoby Bellsbury!

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When I considered buying an Ellsbury jersey back in July, I had no idea that he'd be giving me (and the rest of America) a free taco. Allow me to explain...

Taco Bell ran a promotion for free taco's during the World Series. If there was a stolen base, they'd give America a free Taco. You can read more about it here. Since Jacoby Ellsbury (Tacoby Bellsbury is his new nickname) stole a base, Taco Bell is making good on it's promise. You can collect your free taco tomorrow (Tuesday) from 2-5PM.

I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle, but this was a great business idea by Taco Bell. They got a lot of premium advertising time and many people probably will have difficulty collecting their free taco due to the timing of the promotion.

Lastly, you really shouldn't scam Taco Bell to get multiple free tacos. This would include scams such as going to the counter and then the drive through to get different people. This would also include not going right at 2PM and then again at 4:30 where they might not remember you. This would also include going to multiple Taco Bells or even wearing different disguises so that they don't recognize you. So save that Disco Stu costume for Halloween, not for Taco Bell... Really... I mean it...

Last updated on February 24, 2008.

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One Response to “Free Taco Bell Tacos – Courtesy of Tacoby Bellsbury!”

  1. woohoo!

    yo quiero taco bell!

    I’ll be there at 2pm sharp….and maybe again at 4:30 ;-)

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