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Forget Money…

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It seems like everyday I come to this space to write something related to money (which should surprise you due to the blog name). Today, I'd like to tell you to forget about money. We'll have a lot of other days to deal with money. Plus if you are reading this, you are likely pretty responsible with your money anyway.

It's okay to be irresponsible sometimes. One of the best times to be irresponsible is Valentine's Day. So while I may write about dozens of ways to save money on Valentine’s Day, I must admit that today can be like one of those cheat days on your diet.

Consider this to be a reminder that money is (typically) most valuable when it is spent. (Having it also valuable from a piece of mind perspective.)

Take the day to tell someone you love them. Hey if Bill Belichick is going to say he loves you, it should be easy, right?

I've already spent too many words on money for this article about not about money. With that in mind, I'm quit while I'm behind.

Posted on February 14, 2014.

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4 Responses to “Forget Money…”

  1. Revanche says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day :)

    (But that Belichick card, noooo)

  2. Marvin says:

    We use that philosophy with a couple things in our lives. There are some things that you just have to enjoy now.

  3. J. Money says:

    Love it bro. And now we’re back to thinking about money again :)

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