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Forget AC Units, Timber Deck is the Cheaper Way to Beating the Summer Heat

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Not only can a timber deck add value to your home, but it can also help you save some money on your electric bill. For one, timber diffuses heat better than aluminum and it has a natural cooling effect that makes it a great material for a deck.

Even under direct exposure to sunlight, timber stays cool so it is perfect for people that likes walking barefoot around the deck comfortably. You also don’t have to install air conditioning units because you can just build an extension of your living space outdoors. With this, timber deck could be the most sustainable way to soaking up the sun and to having a great relaxation without leaving the comfort of your home.

Types of Timber

Timber decking has been around since 17th century. It is one of the many contributions of Japan to the world, which began when they had started using bamboo to build platforms for gardens, dojos, houses, patios, and so on. Today, decking is built with mostly timber woods for its durability and weather resistant quality.

There are three types of timer namely hardwood, synthetic, and softwood. Among the three, hardwood is the best material for building a stronger and long-lasting deck as it can resist pest and water damage. Synthetic timber is the cheapest alternative to the other two timber woods, but requires a bit of work in terms of maintenance. Lastly, softwood timber is easier to manage and install than hardwood timber for it is smaller and weighs lighter.

Multiple Benefits of Timber

Timber has a pleasing appeal to the eyes, especially when it offers an expansive view of the woodlands or a garden. For this reason, timber will make a great material for an outdoor living space that your friends may feel envious of. You do not have to do an elaborate set up as the wood itself looks posh and can serve a multipurpose; from as functional as holding family events, hosting dinner parties, to as simple as lazying around the floor on a Sunday afternoon.

And if ever you want to re-sell your house adding a timber deck can raise the value of your property on the market. LandMark White Property assessor, Chris Anderson, believes that having a timber deck can add at least $20,000 to the value of your home, depending on some factors. In the US, the NWFA had conducted a survey on timber floor to find out how many real estate agents think that timber decking does really add value to a home-for-sale.

The results show out of 1,000 respondents, 91% said that houses with a timber flooring did close more deals than houses with a different flooring. More importantly, all agreed that this wood indeed increases the market value of a home.

Do you feel like building your own timber deck? Check out Softwood’s range of timber availability to look for high quality timber woods. Only get expert advice that will help you save money and time.

Posted on May 26, 2015.

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