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The Five Most Popular Scams Around the Globe

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As we travel, everybody knows that it is necessary to keep our money somewhere safe, don’t give up to street vendors’ persuasion, and keep the money in the bank card rather than carry cash. However, very often scams and money stealing “professionals” still find ways to suck us and drain our pockets. Cheap hotels booking professionals from Travel Ticker team today shares a few most popular methods of fraud which you might be facing on the road. Read that, keep it in mind to make your traveling a lot more relaxed.

Friendship bracelet (Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Cairo and other tourist destinations)

A stranger will appear in front of you on the street and will start offering you buying some kind of friendship bracelet. Once you start to neglect the offer, he will still try to put on a piece of jewelry on your hands, and after a while will ask to return if you are not willing to buy it. This trick can be used to direct your attention as other, "friend in the street," cleans up your pockets (backpacks, bags or trousers).

Many of these repetitious "friendly" bracelets bidders are not evil people, but once you face them, do not provoke - do not talk with them at all, or look for other topics (apart from bracelet) and they might leave you alone pretty soon.

Rose to your girl (Paris, Rome, Barcelona and other European cities)

If you are traveling with your significant other (and that is entirely possible) a man on the street can come towards you and present a rose for your girlfriend. Once your lovely gal starts to melt from the gesture, the dealer will ask you to pay for the flower three times the price. Worst of all - it will make you feel like an evil man for your lady if you refuse it!

Europeans adore flowers so often Asians, Latin Americans or Africans are trying to exploit this weakness by using this trick. Very often you can see small children offering flowers like that too. This scam technique focuses not only on a romantic gift but also weak, vulnerable merchants that grudge us to pay more or just simply buy that simple flower.

A found ring (Paris)

Women (mostly) out of sight on the street will drop the ring under your foot. When she raises it, she might ask if this is not your jewelry. If you are tempted to try it, be aware that once you do that, you will have to buy it afterward. And the price will too be very tempting, but pretty expensive - after all, it is the "gold", "original" and "perfect for you”!

Lost child (Rome)

This is one of the most unpleasant frauds. The woman on the street can give you a baby into your hands. And while you are stricken will shock and don’t know what to do, try to give a child back to his "mother," her companions will do that they like in your pockets.

So when faced with this situation first looks around carefully, if there is nothing in the back then call upon help. Usually, such babies do not even have parents and are only used as objects for tourists to melt our hearts and scam us. If you call the police, you might even save the life of such child!

Pour over clothing (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and other cities in South America)

Someone accidentally pours a drink on your new t-shirt with your most favorite quote from Star Wars, drops a huge part of their ice-cream or accidentally drops mud. While they are trying to help you, say their sorries, you can often be required to undress, leave a backpack in a side without taking proper attention to it, unload items from the bag to dry, etc. At that time, you are very vulnerable - frustrated because of the incident, you lack attention to the environment and instantly became the perfect prey for thieves gang.

Last updated on May 12, 2016.

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