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Five Financial Mistakes Women Make

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To deal with financial matters are not easy for a bigger part of the population. What determines our financial habits? Environment, in which were growing, spontaneous reactions and many other psychological factors. But today let’s discuss the most common mistakes in fiscal matters done by women. In many cases, the same mistakes are made by men too, but since in today’s society women work with money sometimes even more than men, ladies – you deserve a little bit more attention. So – this article is just for you!

Forgetting about yourself and your health

Everything in our lives depends on the health, so you just have to take regular visits to the doctor. Everything is very simple - we are healthy, we have more strength and energy to work, to be with family, travel and pursue our biggest dreams.

Health is a crucial factor of financial stability and success. For example, if you always skip visits to the doctor, it may be that later you will have to sacrifice much more than just your time. You missed a chance to use an opportunity to prevent diseases, and now you will have to spend time and money treating it.

You spend money to save, but the result is the opposite

This rule often applies when we buy food. It seems that if it is with a discount that naturally means that you will save. But after you leave the store with bags of groceries, and don’t eat it, some of them go bad, and you are forced to thrown half the food away. Naturally, we understand that such results are very questionable. Therefore, make a list and follow it carefully. It is worth buying food in larger quantities only if they have longer expiration dates or can be frozen for a while.

On the other hand, there are other tricks you can try to shop for groceries and avoid such shopping. One of the most modern ones here – online shopping! Yes, there is a ton of people who can prove to you, that shopping online helped them to deal with financial problems and deal with impulsive shopping. There are a few reasons behind it. First of all – online coupons (these Kohl's promo codes are our favorite example); second – there are no distractions at all because you go to those pages where you will find specific groceries. There are many reasons too, but try it once and discover perks of e-shopping by yourself!

You have no goal

Do you want to be rich, or just enjoy what you have? Answer to this question, and it will be much easier to sort out your priorities and goals. Only then you will be able to begin to look for ways, roads, and circumstances which should help you to reach what you desire. Follow your own rules and try to focus. Slight deviations are fun, but they can become a bad habit which won’t help you to reach for success.

Start saving now

No matter how old you are and what kind of work you do - start saving now. Initially, let it be 10 percent of your salary, and then time passes by, add more (depending on the situation). Think about how much you will have in a year, and after five? The sooner you will start saving, the sooner you will feel much stronger and safer. You can even open up a special bank account for it and use automatic money transfer, therefore, you won’t even see that money you put aside and learn to live without it.

You give yourself away to impulsive purchases

New dress, red shoes, jewelry, charms you so much that you cannot get out of the store without spending the last cent wallet? Here is a piece of advice you can take - know what you need and look for exactly that item either in a grocery store and in a clothing store. It is also advisable to set a budget for shopping as well. But most importantly - no urgency. Always ask if you really need this item? Will it be easy to match it with other items? Spend your money thoughtfully and without a rush and you will have everything that you need.

Posted on May 11, 2016.

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