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Finovate Spring 2011 Live Blog (Part 8)

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This is a continuation of my Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 1, Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 2, Finovate Spring 2011 Live Blog (Part 3), Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 4, Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 5, Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 6, and Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 7. As with all other parts, these presentations go extremely quickly, so please ignore any typos and grammar issues. I hope to provide a more polished review of the best and worst from Finovate after the event is over.

  • Enloop - Help entrepenuers with their business plans. They have predictive scoring algorithm that takes in a lot of financial information about a company. This isn't something that I would thought could be automated. The fact that they are doing it is interesting.
  • Aptys Solutions - Seems like oFlows that I wrote about yesterday. They are demoing an invoicing solution with an Android tablet that can take payment in any number of ways. For example, I could write a check, they would take a picture of it with the tablet, and the payment would be completed.
  • MyBankTracker - They are shoing off their Plentifi product today. The company is mostly a financial community where people can rate their banks.
  • Ideon - This is a company that banks can partner with to create customized saving products. Unless you are a bank, you probably don't want to clog your brain up with any other information about Ideon.
  • OpenCuro - Allows you to create a CuroCode that encapsulates all the information about a payment. I can use a code that I create to buy a product online (if they support CuroCodes) without giving them any of my personal information (such as my name or billing address). In a lot of ways it is similar to Paypal.
  • Corduro - They are mobile digital wallets. For example, people participating in a fundraiser can use their phones to accept payments (via credit cards for example) from potential donors. There's a focus on charities.
  • PayNearMe - Allows you to pay your loan bills locally with cash at 7-Elevens. It seems for people that don't like to deal with checks or credit cards. I have difficulty wrapping my head around why I might want to do this. I'm guessing it is for someone that isn't like me.

Posted on May 11, 2011.

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