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Finovate Spring 2011 Live Blog (Part 3)

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This is a continuation of my Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 1 and Finovate Sprint 2011 Part 2.

  • Afiniate - This company seeks to augment banking smart phone applications by analyzing the data and presenting people with opportunities tailored to that data.
  • Ready Receipts - Allow consumers to own their data and manage it securely. By data I mean receipts - naturally. Seems a little like Shoeboxed or Neat Receipts.
  • Kiboo - This company is focused on the youth segment. They help educate consumers about financial information relevant to them via their social network. In addition, they are merging NFC and GPS to allow people to make touch payments with their smart phones.
  • Braintree - Powers the checkout process for a company like Living Social. Consumers don't even realize that they are using Braintree's servers and checkout process. That's good for companies like Living Social, because they can outsource this service and not deal with storing credit cards. It is a little like Paypal, except that you know you are going to Paypal.
  • Figlo - This is another website that analyzes financial data with the purpose of making recommendations for them. Their focus seems to be geared more towards financial advisors
  • Dwolla - It's Paypal blending with social networking like Twitter and Facebook. One thing that's worth noting is that only charge 25 cents a transaction no matter how much the transfer is.
  • Bankons - Geo-located offers with Geo-located transactions. The can use banking data as well as location to give coupons and make sales. Here's an example, I'm walking by a Starbucks. My phone realizes this because of the GPS. The application knows that I like Starbucks because of the my credit card history. I like this a lot.
  • Posted on May 10, 2011.

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    2 Responses to “Finovate Spring 2011 Live Blog (Part 3)”

    1. Lisa says:

      Hi Lazy Man! Thank you for live blogging Finovate Spring 2011. I presented Kiboo.com’s mobile app today. I am interested in your opinion.

      Thank you in advance.

    2. Lazy Man says:

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa. I liked the presentation. I want to look at the demo on Kiboo before I form too much of an opinion. There seems to be a lot of parts and I want to make sure I understand how they all fit together.

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