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Finovate Spring 2011 Live Blog (Part 1)

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I am here at the annual Finovate conference in San Francisco. It has really grown from 4-5 years when I started going to Finovate. It is so large that the presenters are a football field away. I don't remember a structure this large since the Ann & Hope in Watertown. I'm watching on some big screens which is a change of pace from the past. I'm also here with SVB from The Digerati Life and Cap from Stop Buying Crap. Things move extremely fast here (each presentation is 7 minutes), so give me a break with spelling and grammar.

  • Clovr Media - Card Link Offer... - Shopping. Has some management of an account that seems tedious. I'll be honest I was a little asleep during this presentation.
  • Bundle - Aggregated anonymous data on 20 million households. Everybody's Money is the key website. You can look for restaurants that fit your profile. You can then see what people (in general) do
  • Intellaegis - MasterQueue - Web based monetary risk management data collection system... I'm copying that from SVB's laptop. The website can search for information about anyone. They gave examples on how they'll pull in information about "ex-wives", "blogs", etc. One thing they showed as gathering GPS coordinates that are in a photo's metadata. Findex score tells you how certain they are. Their audience seems to be debt collectioners... or bring Orwell's 1984 to reality. When these presentations are over, I'm going to head to their booth and punch them in the pancreas. This may be a quick Finovate conference for me.
  • Xero - Global online accounting system based in New Zealand. As a consumer, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that you don't care. If you are a business, perhaps it is an interesting alternative to Quickbooks.
  • Gold Bullion International - Allows you to buy gold. You buy the amount you want. Sounds simple, but you can pick where it is stored (to some degree) as well as having it accounted for. They create a gold exchange where you can buy from multiple dealers. They work with bigger clients such as hedge funds and such.
  • Kabbage - Provides working capital for online merchants. Has support for Amazon merchants. They can see that a merchant does $20,000 in sales a month and approve them for money in minutes. Interesting quote: "This is not your mom's profile building" Mom, you are building profiles?
  • RateCash - Provides widgets for websites. Website owners, such as myself, can add an auto loan calculator and it will give you a rates from various sources. You can manage the information from their website and your website will update immediately. Looking to work advertisers to integrate their technology - not for consumers
  • BancBox - Provides an API for "fintech" startups. Seems like they are here to help the other companies here.

    Seems very similar to Yodlee in that they power a lot of companies. Allows people to open a FDIC insured bank account and move money through an API. While it might not be practical for you or me, I think it is kind of cool. Then again, I'm a dork.

  • Hoyos - Software that allows you to log in to your online accounts with your eyes. Presenter holds a CueCat-like device to their eyes. The device is only $99. Why not fingerprints? They probably addressed this and I missed it.
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