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Finovate Demos – Part 2

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Buxfer - Demo had numerous technical difficulties... website was down. Maybe we'll see their demo later in the day.

Guardian Analytics - FraudMAP product watches for suspicious activity banking activity. Banks can use this tool to monitor login times, login IPs and other information and get alerted to possible fraud.

Jwaala - Thus far it is the star of the show in my opinion. MoneyTracker is a personal finance management system, much like Mint, Geezeo, Expensr, or Wesabe. Widgets are similar to iGoogle o NetVibes. Has a great natural language search so you ask questions like, "Show me Costco purchases around $100."

Zecco - You probably already know these guys. They allow commission free stock trading which I think is fantastic. Their presentation focused on the community aspect of the service. You can follow other people's trades and investment returns and communicate with them.

Guard ID - Their ID Vault USB device has a smart chip in it. Allows you to use one pin to control all your accounts. Before executing a transaction it will check the financial institution's IP address to prevent phishing scams. Has a SecureView browser which seems very similar to previously mentioned Authentium's.

Cake Financial - Allows you to link all your brokerage accounts to see 10 years of investing history. Has a community component similar to Zecco's (or Zecco's is similar to it depending on your point of view).

VaultStreet - Docuthentic aims to make paperless documents easier. It authenticates them so they can't be altered. You can easily securely share documents with a financial advisor or a tax representative.

Mint - You should know these guys by now. They categorize your spending and allow you to compare against others in a geographic region (for instance, your coffee shop spending vs. someone from Seattle's). The big news from them is that they are supporting investments now. You can link your brokerage account with them.

Green Note - P2P lending application where students can panhandle friends and families for loans. It's a bit like Prosper, but less emphasis on credit since students are unlikely to have a reputable credit score.

Smart Hippo - Users contribute mortgage data for others to use... seems little like a Gas Buddy. No sponsored ads or mortgage lenders here, just people. Allows loan officers to have a blog if any of them care to do that.

Motley Fool CAPS - Community-rated stocks like Zecco and Cake Financial. Five-star CAPS returned 30% in the last year vs. 9% for S&P 500 and -1% one-star CAPS. Has a personalized Stock of the Day tip.

Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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6 Responses to “Finovate Demos – Part 2”

  1. Tom says:

    Did Zopa or Loanio present yet or are they later in the day?

  2. They are scheduled for the afternoon. When Loanio’s name was called for setting up the laptop, there was no answer. Could have been at lunch or a no-show

  3. Tom says:

    I got an email from Michael from Loanio yesterday – I’m pretty sure he is there.

  4. Thanks for the coverage! That was a very fun conference. Lots of innovative companies trying to break the old-school financial mold.

    Gabriel Dalporto
    Zecco Holdings, Inc.

  5. Trent Hamm says:

    I still think Zecco is potentially the biggest game changer of all. Free trades is a huge thing and it can get more people into stock trading.

  6. Lazy Man says:

    Indeed, Zecco also makes ETFs a more viable investment method for many people.

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