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Finovate Demos – Part 1

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Here are some updates from the first batch of demos at Finovate.

Authentium - Safe Central makes keystroke loggers or screenshot grabbers "blind." Runs on top of Firefox. Prevents man in the middle and phishing.

Credit Karma - Free credit score tracking using their proprietary scoring system. Cons are that you need to give up your social security number. This seems to not be a problem, because 86% of people who try to join complete the registration. Credit pulls are "soft pulls" - a very good thing. Credit Karma gives you percentile vs. general population. Makes money by pitching offers tailored to users of a specific credit score.

WorkLight - Allows you do banking from portals like iGoogle or Facebook securely. The premise is that people would rather bank in these applications.

Prosper - You should know this company by now. Their presentation was a general walk-through with a focus on endorsements which typically have 35% less default rate.

Andera - Does banking accounting for other third parties. It does this in real-time by verifying your identity with (*I think*) a credit pull. You can then log into an existing bank (with help from Yodlee) to fund that account.

BoulevardR - Provides financial planning advice through a Certified Financial Planner. Updates your goals over time.

Diversinet - Use your cell phone to bank and send money securely. Makes money through a transaction fee similar to an ATM.

Facilitas - Allows you to search for a better bank based on your personal preferences. Once you find that bank, allows you to quickly switch from your old bank to your new bank "“ including porting your online scheduled payments.

Last updated on January 13, 2011.

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  1. Mark says:

    Lazy Man? You’ve got to be kidding – it seems like you’re working pretty hard on all this blogging.

    Keep up the good work!

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