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Find and Use a 20 % Off Promo Code and Save Money By Shopping Online

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The following is a guest post from Aaron Lake. Many thanks for his help in giving me a little extra paternity leave. I used one of the Macy promos mentioned recently to save significantly on a much-needed new coat (I had a bunch of gift cards to stack with it). The plan is to have fresh articles (from me) for Monday.

Saving money during your shopping sprees is important. Even if you’re shopping for something “just because,” you may be aware that you’re living on a budget. If you find the right kinds of promo codes, you may be able to stay within the budgetary limits you set for yourself and your family. By using the right tools, you should be able to find great deals, good coupon codes and leave some money in your bank account. If you’re buying a home furnishing, a new pair of shoes or a purse, a promo code can help.

Look for the Items You Want

Enter a coupon site and click on the link, then look for the items you have in mind. When you find what you want, click on the promo code for that department or class of items, and put the item into your online shopping cart.

Continue shopping this way until you finish putting everything you need or want into your shopping cart. As you find items, apply each promo code to that item. If it is in effect, you may be taken to a place advertising the discount for your purchase. If not, look for it on the ordering page before deciding if you want to buy that particular item or not.

Finding the Codes for Your Desired Purchases

On the coupon code website, you’ll see promo codes listed for it. When you click on the codes, they may not work if they have expired. According to the Couponing site at About.com, some online merchants will not place the expiration date of a promo code until they see how well the promotion is going. If it isn’t going well, they may take it down earlier than they had planned.

By leaving expiration dates off, these merchants can make changes to their promotions as needed. If you can’t apply a particular code, look for others until you find a code that fits the item you’re buying.

Why a Percent-Off Promo Code is Better

A Macy’s promo code for 20% off is better than one that gives you a flat dollar discount. For instance, if you see an item on sale or on clearance sale, you’ll be able to deduct the 20 percent from the original price of the item. If, for instance, a purse that originally sold for $40 is now priced at $13.99, that 20 percent means you’ll only pay $32.00. At the $13.99 price, a 20 percent discount makes it $2.80.

Looking at other 20 percent off deals, opening a credit card allows you to take 20 percent off your purchase after opening your charge account.

In the housewares department, that 20 percent discount may be an extra discount, allowing you to save as much as 50 percent.

Promo Codes and Saving Money

As you look at the online store, you’ll be able to find promo codes for deals all over the store. For instance, if you need to buy shoes for yourself or one of your family members, Macy’s may be running a promo code that allows you to take a minimum of 20 percent off of their shoes, as well as on their clearance items.

As you get to the end of your shopping trip online, look at the discounts that you have accumulated. These may be sufficient so that, when you pay, you may find that you’re spending less money than you saved. In a tight economy, leaving more money in your checking account is more important than spending.


Take a look at the promo codes that is being offered to you. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that you can save more money by applying a percent off discount than flat dollars off discount.

Last updated on March 28, 2014.

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