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Festival of Frugality #46

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Welcome everyone to Festival of Frugality #46. There's a lot to read and a lot to learn, so I'm keeping the introduction short.

Straight from my new home in Silicon Valley, a fellow engineer at The Digerati Life teaches us how to Cash in on Clutter. Hopefully, he's put up a used copy of Nightmare on Elm Street on Amazon, because I'm going over there to get one.

Of course, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Stephanie at Stop the Ride point out tremendous deals she got on used clothing. It seems like a terrific way to save on the high mark-up clothing - especially when your children are going to grow out of it really quickly. It sounds like she has it down to a science but, just in case, J.D. from Getting Rich Slowly has some tips on buying used clothing. There's still time to pick up that Halloween custome, but the pickings are probably slim.

And for the little trick or treaters, why not make them an organic caramel apple. Penny from Money and Values shows us how to save money buy organic produce. If you can find a deal on a pumpkin, Amy at Mom's Advice has a recipe for IHOP's pumpkin pancakes and other restaurant meals. Over at We're in Debt, they've been able to reduce their grocery budget while shopping at Whole Foods. Having seen Whole Food's prices, they must be using Frugal Living's calorie cycling diet.

Nina at Queercents talks about the true cost of souvenirs. If you ignore her advice, be careful of which souveniers you bring back. I hear that some tiki idols are cursed.

Bryan Fleming suggests saving a few dollars a day through by forcing you to trick yourself into saving. Looks like he's ready to treat himself to some company stock. And if you don't like the idea of putting the dollar in a pile, Scott suggests you find that dollar - you can pay off your debts 4 times faster.

Worldwide Success reminds us that if you aren't frugal and saving, you won't stand a ghost of a chance of retiring wealthy.

Wenchypoo's potion for affordable health care includes an ounce of prevention, not a pound of cure.

My Money Blog makes a shocking discovery about Vampire and Phantom power of how to save money on your electric bill. Meanwhile Dan at Tick Marks tells of a different scary monster with "sharp teeth" -- your credit card.

Enough Wealth tells us how technology has made his hobby, photography, so much cheaper. It looks like he's mastered small reptiles, perhaps he's working his way up to Godzilla.

Exchange Ingredients explains the importance of having good credit, while Fire Finance shows you how to get three free credit reports a year.

Making our Way has found a great new travel website, Farecast.com. That's not the only website deal to be had - be sure to Checkout the Ghoul-gle-ishly good deal that My 1st Million at 33 found.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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12 Responses to “Festival of Frugality #46”

  1. […] Thanks Lazy Man for hosting an excellent 46th Festival of Frugality on short notice (I somehow skipped this week in the schedule) and even putting it in pseudo story form. […]

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for hosting. Nicely done!

  3. Frugal Guy says:

    Who is We’re In Debt and what are they doing on my diet? ;)

  4. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I lost a whole line. Hopefully it makes a little more sense now. My apologies to you both.

  5. FIRE Finance says:

    Thanks a lot for hosting the festival. The story format is really creative and makes happy reading.
    FIRE Finance

  6. […] Festival of Frugality #46 | Carnival (tags: pfblogs carnivals frugality) […]

  7. Oh, terrific – So glad I found this blog. I’m trying to be more thrifty. This week’s thriftyness included buying dried beans instead of canned, and satiating my sweet tooth with home-made baked goods instead of candy or sweets bought at stores. A few months ago I quit drinking coffee so I would save $40-50 a month by not patronizing Starbucks. I love new ideas for saving money.

  8. Glad you found this resource, there’s millions of tips coming out everyday and the links in this post are just a small sample of what’s out there.

    I’d stock up on leftover Halloween candy now if you decide your sweet tooth is too strong. I think many people should brew their own coffee at home get out of the “Starbucks tax.” For many, quitting coffee is not an option ;-).

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  10. Skint Bint» Blog Archive » Going carnival crazy says:

    […] Click here for the Carnival of Personal Finance number 72 and click here for the Festival of Frugality 46. […]

  11. FIRE Finance says:

    FestivalOfFrugality#46 Scripted By Lazy Man&Money!…

    Lazy Man and Money has scripted Festival of Frugality #46. This is a new blog we came to know about through this festival. It was a wonderful festival and thanks to Lazy Man and Money for keeping it concise.
    Our post “Frugal Tip – Get A Free Credit ….

  12. […] Festival of Frugality #46 at Lazy Man and Money […]

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