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Festival of Frugality – #112

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With over 80 submissions for this carnival, the competition was tough. If something didn't scream, "This is a way to save money", it didn't make the cut. I didn't want to single out any articles as being my favorites. I've found that the best frugal tips are the ones you can use. Instead, I tried to categorize the articles to assist you find a tip to help you.

Lists of Frugal Tips


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Money Management



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Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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20 Responses to “Festival of Frugality – #112”

  1. Amanda Milne says:

    Great carnival! I look forward to reading the other articles. Thank you very much for including my post about Vegas on a budget!

  2. Thanks for hosting and including my article.

  3. squawkfox says:

    Wow! This is a huge edition! Thank you Lazy Man for hosting and for including my article. I am pretty excited as this is my first Festival of Frugality!

  4. Mrs. Micah says:

    Thanks for hosting, Lazy! :) (One would think that laziness and organizing carnivals are kind of opposites…) ;)

  5. FFB says:

    Thanks for hosting and including my post! -FFB

  6. David says:

    Thanks for the mention Lazy Man!

  7. Some great reading here! Thanks for hosting and including my post.

  8. paidtwice says:

    Thanks for including me! But the link to my post is missing. :(

  9. Wow what a list! Thanks for including me.

  10. Thanks for the mention of the “Never Pay Bank or Finance Charges” piece. And thanks for hosting this awesome collection of articles. I got distracted clicking on links left & right before I could even get here to say thank you!

  11. You know, you really can’t call yourself lazy man after you’ve put all this work into hosting the carnival. (Okay, you’ve probably heard that before, I take it back!) THANK you for this great collection and I appreciate being included!

  12. salve says:

    hi lazy man, im salve. i found your blog through digerati life. great carnival! it will probably take me days to go through all these tips! :) i feel like a kid in Toy Kingdom. haha.

  13. Lots of great ideas! This is the first ‘Carnival’ I’ve stumbled on and it’ll take me days to get through all of this! :)

  14. Lightening says:

    Great list of posts!!! Thanks for including mine. :) Gave you the stumble thumbs up as a little thankyou. :)

  15. Thanks for hosting! And I’ll come up with another 50 tips, just for you! ;)

  16. Lovelyn says:

    Thanks for including my article in this carnival. It looks great. You mentioned coasting to red lights and it made me laugh. Here’s a link to my other blog about doing just that. My husband takes coasting to an extreme.

  17. I love your site! I’ve added a link to your site on my blog. I’m just starting out on my journey to get out of debt. I would love it if you added a link to my blog on your site.

    Many blessings!

  18. Thanks for hosting, LM. I’ve linked back to the festival

  19. FIRE Finance says:

    Thanks for hosting such a huge festival and including our post in it.

  20. This carnival seems to just about covered every conceivable way to save money!!

    I now have nothing original to write….. ever :)

    Thanks for doing this, it’s a great list of articles.

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