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Father’s Day and Boston becomes Title Town again

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Though I'm a day early, I want to wish all the father's out there a happy Father's Day. I am father to an adopted "huskador" (husky-labrador mix). I'm sure that's stretching the definition of fatherhood out there to those who take care of people, but daily trips to the dog park and 2-3 walks is significant too. My wife has offered to get me something for "Doggy Daddy Day", but I haven't figured out what I want. She was thinking about taking me out to a nice restaurant, but she recently had some planned surgery (nothing serious) and it would actually be more work for me to get her to the restaurant.

Many Bostonian dads have had a Father's Week, with the Bruins' bringing home the Stanley Cup. I won't count myself in that group. Though I have spent 30 years in Boston, I became bitter at the ownership for not always putting a competitive product out there. Plus, let's face, it hockey is in a distant fourth place when it comes to viewership. That said, growing up, it seemed that everyone in my class was a hockey fan. Now that they are adults like myself, I can only imagine what the place has been like the last few days. I watched game 7 from a bar in Northern California and there were lots of high fives and hugging of complete strangers. That's the beauty of sports. Unfortunately a couple hours after those hugs, I witnessed the dark side of sports - the Vancouver riots. I woke up the next morning thinking, "I wonder who many got hurt or killed and how much damage was done to Vancouver. It should have been a day to reflect on how Boston has dominated the sports world over the last 11 years. My personal Twitter feed was flush with people mentioning that Patriots now have the longest world championship drought... and they have the best record in the NFL over the last 11 years.

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