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Every Restaurant Wants to Save Me Money

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I couldn't help but notice restaurants have a new plan to try to drum up business in these tough times. It's a good thing they have some ideas, because one of the first things people cut when money is tight is going out to eat. Let's look at what just a few national chains are advertising.

Denny's $4 Weekday Express Slam Breakfast

"It's one thing to bail out Wall Street, but who's going to bail you out? Denny's!" Their Weekday Express Slam is just $4. I'm not the only one laughing at this Denny's commercial. Of course, earlier today, I saw a commercial from Kellogg's and Walmart touting that cereal costs 50 cents... including milk. So even the bargain at Denny's looks pretty poor in comparison to cereal that you can make at home.

Sizzler's Ultimate Value Menu

For years I thought Sizzler had gone out of business. Instead they just pulled out of New England. It's not typically the first restaurant I think of going to considering I'm too tempted by the unhealthy foods there. That said, it seems like very good value to have an 8oz steak and their endless salad bar for $9.99.

KFC $10 Challenge

In this commercial, KFC challenges a family to get all the ingredients to make a 7-piece of chicken meal for less the $10. The meal that the family has to make has to include a side dish and biscuits, just like you can get at KFC for $9.99. The camera follows them into the store as they give it a shot. Unfortunately the 30-second shot only seems to show a girl surprised by the cost of 7 pieces of chicken, them packing in a whole bag of flour, and of course asking where to find the "secret herbs and spices." The thing that isn't mentioned is that a bag of flour not only makes 7-pieces of chicken, but it makes around 100 pieces. Most of the ingredients are like that, you can get a lot more for a small price. So maybe it ends up costing you $13, but then you have enough for a lot more meals.

This is just a small sampling of the deals at restaurants that I noticed recently. If you are going to go out, I still think the best plan is to practice these tips to save money at restaurants. Of course, a cheaper plan is almost always to make food at home.

Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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7 Responses to “Every Restaurant Wants to Save Me Money”

  1. kosmo says:

    Oh. The KFC 7 piece meal is supposed to be for the whole family. Silly me. I assumed it was just the “super size” portion.

    I guess that explains the upset stomach.

  2. Lazy Man says:

    Just let up on the filler like the biscuits and you should be fine.

  3. Chad @ Sentient Money says:

    There isn’t restaurant on this planet that will save you money compared to eating at home. I will go with your last bit of advice.

  4. Donny Gamble says:

    Restaurants need to come up with some kind of deals now-a-days because people have been buying less and less with the shape our economy is. Arby’s even came up with a whole meal for $5.

  5. jim says:

    Consumer spending is going down and those places know that when spending goes down, so will their revenue… they gotta do something to fight back!

    Cook at home. :)

  6. Home-made is not only more value for your money, but you can make it healthier too. Home rules!

    I know families of friends who cook for each other once a week and swap frozen dinners.

    My favorite meal is a soup and a salad. It usually cost about $1 total if I make both a soup and a salad from scratch at home.

    And as a side note. My job is an event entertainer allows me to get a free meal at events. Not always, but it does happen.

  7. David says:

    I cannot imagine what one would be eating when a whole meal, including meat, can be had for only $5. There is a real reason it is that cheap. :-)

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