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Emptying the Recycle Bin of Mind

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Some things that have been going through my mind lately...


  • I wonder how readers will react to a whole post of random thoughts. Perhaps they'll let me know with a comments.
  • I have about 18 design changes and features that I'd like to implement on Lazy Man and Money - if I had the time.
  • I should write a whole lot more for Lazy Man and Health. It has so much potential, but my time management just isn't where it needs to be.


  • I've been at my job for a year now. I expected to get some kind of recognition, but thus far there's been nothing. I expected at least an inflation-level raise considering how hot the software engineer market is in Silicon Valley.
  • My current job has two of the best perks I've heard of... free lunch and dinner, and a monthly cash bonus for living close to the office.
  • Google contacted me about working for them this week. Things just got interesting.
  • I inherited $131 from a very distant relative who I've never met. Who says life isn't like Monopoly?


  • We've been thinking about getting a dog. I'm thinking it might be a good Christmas present to ourselves. I should read Free Money Finance about pet costs.
  • Speaking of pets, Brip Blap indirectly reminded me how much I want a Sony Aibo. I'll keep an eye out for an exceptional bargain on one - and then I'll probably pass on it.
  • My mother-in-law sent my wife a list of baby names this week. I guess that's a not so subtle hint that she wants to be a grandmother.
  • My wife and I are having an extremely difficult time figuring out where in the United States we should live. There are so many thoughts going through each of our minds that I could blog about it all next week - and I just might.

Boston Sports

  • Red Sox pulled out a strong first game of the playoffs. The Yankees lost big. Life is good.
  • My wife is going to the game in Anaheim on Sunday. If the Red Sox win today, I'm sending a broom with her.
  • The Patriots continue to break records. There's too much talk of going undefeated. It's good to know that they eat humble pie. They still have won 21 games in a row before so maybe going undefeated isn't impossible.
  • Sunday is a huge day in Boston sports with a playoff baseball game and a football game. It would be nice to diversify the game on a couple of days. If things go bad, I could be catatonic on Sunday night.


Posted on October 5, 2007.

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14 Responses to “Emptying the Recycle Bin of Mind”

  1. WhereDoesItAllGo says:


    (the girl who sings the Old Navy spot)

  2. Jeremy says:

    No recognition here either. A year at my employer has come and gone, and the only thing I got was an increased workload! I can’t complain since we do get a modest raise every year, so that counts for something.

    Oh, and I love that Old Navy sweater commercial too. Good to see who sings it as I’d like to hear more.

  3. Lazy Man says:

    I would count a modest raise as recognition. There’s nothing that indicates to me that will happen. There’s no performance review or anything similar.

    The employee turn-around in Silicon Valley is big, so a year almost qualifies as commitment.

  4. Matt Wolfe says:

    I think it’s a good idea. I like getting a little personal insight in to the minds of the bloggers that I frequently read. I tried it once on my site and received no response but I like the idea.

  5. m says:

    I could tell you a bit about dog ownership pet costs and other issues.

    My tips:
    Be willing to pay for pricey surgeries and procedures as your pet ages or if it sick.
    Be willing to pay for dog walker for middway walks unless you will have a doggie door that the dog will use and safe yard.
    Don’t get a big dog if your place has or will have stairs, they will age and may not be able to handle stairs and you won’t be able to lift them if they are large.
    Plan who will care for the pet when you go away? A sitter, a kennel, etc? If you rely on sitters, keep in mind they may be hard to get at the time you might need, and can be very costly, especially for overnights.
    You will often/always have to come straight home from work and other outings to let your dog out or feed your dog or just offer your dog some company.
    The dog will be very sensitive to having enough time to spend with you, to getting enough exercise, and love.
    If you might live in a condo in the future or now, some do not allow pets or pets of a certain size. Same issues for those who rent, but usually worse.
    Many dogs can’t tolerate being home alone all day.
    Some dogs have barking and other problems that may disturb neighbors or cause trouble for you as the owner.

    Our pet has cost a bit in healthcare costs and housing limitations. We love him and he’s been worth every cent, but it’s good to know all the factors in advance before making the commitment–it’s a big one. My dog is going strong at almost 14 years old, and has been with me since he was less than 6 weeks. That’s a lot of love and fun times together but a lot of time and money devoted to his care as well.

  6. Lazy Man says:

    I think I want that Aibo just a little more now :-/

  7. Google ? that’s pretty cool!

    I think your idea of posting about some ramblings is pretty good. I always post a financial ramblings on Saturdays now… it’s a great way to get things out of your mind while you can not really write a full post on one small topic.

    I noticed people like to read about personal insights too. It’s fresh and new and it does not take much time ;-)

  8. Patrick says:

    I hear Google is a great place to work, and the pay is great as well. I would strongly consider looking into that. But always choose happiness for the job. It’s more important than money.

  9. Brip Blap says:

    I think it’s a great idea to write posts like this once in a while. However, I strongly suggest that any references to Boston sports be preceded with a link to jump away to a friendly site like the New York Post, just so I don’t have to see any references to Mr. Bundchen’s team….

    For some reason writing for two blogs seems exceptionally difficult. For me, keeping up with one isn’t too hard but the second one – despite actually doing a bit better in visitors and ad revenue proportionately – is a massive struggle for me. Don’t have a good answer for that one.

    Er, good luck with the Aibo… I think I’d have to file that under “hit the lottery, things to buy right after I”. Then again, depends on how much entertainment you’ll get out of it…

  10. paidtwice says:

    Gotta love randomness. I must fully endorse all randomness since that is all my blog is based on. Randomness inside your head is always good stuff.

    My friend’s partner works for google in NY and she goes and eats their free food every day. I am jealous. :)

  11. Shadox says:

    The labor market in the Valley is certainly burning hot. I am trying to recruit a new member for my team, and even the most unqualified people I interview are asking for crazy salaries.

  12. Mike says:

    I’d like to learn how to do 18 design changes at TWA–if I had the time–and then maybe implement 1.

    I went to school in Boston and, disgruntled about the lack of parking, (jokingly–so settle down) suggested to some natives that Fenway be leveled in favor of a parking lot. It was not well received.

  13. Joseph Sangl says:

    Well, it won’t be the Cubs vs your Sox. Bummer.

    Maybe my Colts can end your Patriots dreams of an undefeated season!

  14. Mrs. Micah says:

    Free lunch and dinner–very cool! But does that mean that you have to eat away from the family? Because that’s not as cool…

    I like how companies have incentives to cut down on driving. Mine has one for people who take the metro, which is nice.

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