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Eight Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)

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  1. Google on the Schedule Today - I think that whenever I get the chance to take advantage of Google's AdSense team inviting me to review my website 1-on-1, I have to take it. I did it last year and it was excellent.
  2. My Wife's Take on Invitations - I think that while on the topic of invitations, my wife has an interesting take on them - go to everything you are invited to. I've often joked that she'd mow someone's lawn if invited. I'm starting to come around to her way of thinking on some things. You miss out on 100% of the opportunities that you don't take.
  3. This Week in HP Touchpad 1 - I think that HP made the first good move in a long time when it fired CEO Leo Apotheker and put Meg Whitman as the CEO. I don't know if Meg Whitman is the answer, but I do know it wasn't Apotheker. It's pretty shocking that HP's board hired Apotheker without even meeting him. In sharp contrast, I had to interview to run the cash register at Papa Gino's when I was 16.
  4. This Week in HP Touchpad 2 - I've been vocal supporter of HP/Palm webOS and its Touchpad since even before I owned one. I've claimed it has been one of the great mobile operating systems in some time. I understand it's easy for "Lazy Man" to claim such things. Most people don't know that I used to plug a phone cartridge into a PDA (search for VisorPhone) for my phone 10 years ago, because I knew the smartphone was the wave of the future. I've been a developer with two successful mobile start-up companies since then and the market need webOS. Not having it would be like Mozilla pulling the funding for Firebird back in 2004. It is now known as Firefox. I was one of the few people using that at the time and all my friends just said that I should go with the industry de facto standard - Internet Explorer. Today Fireox had blazed a path that inspired Google Chrome and together they've provided significant competition to Internet Explorer... which has lead Microsoft to admit that they need to advance Internet Explorer.

    If you don't believe me, listen to the Mobile editor for ZDNet, James Kendrick as he seems to think it is very important to get support for the Touchpad. The takeaway quote: "The decision to cancel the TouchPad line will go down in history as one of the most ridiculous business decisions ever made."

  5. Pandora's New HTML 5 App - I think the new slogan should be, "You don't need an app for that." The use of mobile applications (iOS, Android, webOS, etc...) seems like it's early 90's and we are using Windows 3.1. Thank you Pandora for blazing the trail.
  6. Red Sox Collapse - I think that the Sox didn't collapse - they suffered too many injuries. Some say it historically bad and in a lot ways there is. However, it's hard for any team to compete when Tim Wakefield, who wasn't one of the top 7 pitchers in the rotation became the 2nd best the Red Sox had. Loved Peter King's statistic of the Red Sox being 2-18 this month when they don't score 12 runs. That's now 2-19.
  7. Patriots Collapse - I think that the Patriots collapse wasn't as bad as it will be made out to be in Boston. The Patriots had a nice 21-0 lead after a quarter and a half to the Bills and then lost 34-31. The Patriots had just about every bad bounce imaginable and were flagged for about 7,000 penalties. I guess when everything goes wrong, and your injury-plagued team plays close on the road, you can't be too upset with that, right? (Trying to convince myself...)
  8. Ringer - I think the new Sarah Michelle Geller show on the CW is greatly surpassing my admittedly low expectations. I thought the first episode was disappointing, but it heated up with the second episode. They've already had so many twists and turns that it would make a fan of 24 dizzy.

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7 Responses to “Eight Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Daniel says:

    I know you’re going to hate me for this, but I’m going to do it anyway:

    Your lineup has been very healthy with the exception of Youkilis. Your top 3 starters have made almost all of their starts. They just happen to suck. You know it’s a bad month when the team wins as many games when Lackey pitches as when Beckett and Lester combined.

    The starting pitching has been horrendous, but Matsuzaka was not the key to this team and neither was Buchholz (he’s been out a lot longer than this collapse). Bard has a 10+ ERA recently for no reason at all, and even Papelbon couldn’t hold the lead.

    Every team has injuries, and the Red Sox got hit hard last year and still managed 89 wins (the same number they have today). It doesn’t explain 6-19. With this lineup, they should be able to beat Baltimore. Or at least score the average of 6 runs the team gives up each game.

    • Lazy Man says:

      Crawford, Drew, Scutaro, Lowry, have all been injured. The Red Sox have players that played 130 or more games. I wouldn’t call that a picture of health.

      I would put Buchholz as a top 3 starter and he was a key to the team. Hard to fault Bard and Papelbon when they’ve been carrying the team for so long.

  2. I think I’ve given up on Palm. After getting the Pixi Plus (admittedly not the best decision…) and then getting the short end of the stick on WebOS updates, I’m just not that happy with them. Add to that the fact that many people don’t or are very slow to develop for Palm and I’m a sad panda. I think it’s going to be Droid for me when I get my next phone.

    And I gotta say I like the new Pandora. It’s much faster as well. Even cooler that they did it in HTML5

  3. Huge advocate of HTML5 here as well, well done Pandora, and what a beauty their app is!

  4. Daniel says:

    None of this explains the September collapse. Crawford has been terrible all season (and Drew for 3 seasons), but they still managed to have a great record at the end of August. Also, the offense is still scored a million runs, that’s not the issue.

    Just because Lowrie is batting cleanup tonight (what is up with that?) doesn’t mean he’s a great hitter.

    Losing Buchholz sucks, but again, he was out a lot more than just September. Beckett and Lester have probably been the most disappointing, they are the aces of the staff.

  5. Evan says:

    Thanks for the mention…

    I can’t believe The Pats lost to the Bills. Brady threw the same amount of ints as he did all last year! Nuts.

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