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Eight Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)

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  1. I'm Going to be a Father - I think I confused a lot of people last week, when I announced on April Fools that I was going to be a father. That was by design. I was wondering if people would discount any news coming on that day as some elaborate hoax. I think most people did. It would have been a terrible hoax, because there was no way anyone could verify it.
  2. I Want the Belcourt Castle - I think one of the best values in the real estate market, if it's still for sale is the the Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island. I know that $4 million seems like a lot of money, but at around 27,000 square feet, it is a bargain at less than $150/sq ft and that square footage includes a lot of ornate stain glass windows and chandeliers. Also, since it is a museum, you've got income generating possibilities.
  3. What a Sapp! - I think the news of Warren Sapp filing for bankruptcy is pretty sad. For those who don't him, he's a former NFL star. He owes hundreds of thousands in child support to four different women, and a total of 6.7 million to various creditors. He has my dream job of NFL analyst making $540,000 per season. Unfortunately the contract is up before the start of the next season and he was recently reprimanded by the NFL Network. I'm trying to find some sympathy, but I keep coming back to made his own bed, so now he has to lie in it.
  4. My Wife Agree that This is an Amazing Video - I think we don't agree on too many videos when it comes to technology, but we did here. I think Amazon should give everyone these 3D printers and charge for the designs. Confused? Watch the video:

  5. The Car that Drives Itself - I think this could solve a lot of drunk driving problems as well as allow seniors a new level of freedom. Watch this car drive a blind guy to Taco Bell and back home.

  6. Has Baseball Started Yet? - I think that I'm still trying to get into baseball. I missed the Red Sox start of the season last Thursday as I was learning about military retirement (a topic to be covered this week or next). On Saturday, the Red Sox was blacked out by the Fox rendering my $120 season subscription useless. Sunday, I watched the Red Sox fall behind 4-0 early only to catch up and blow leads in the bottom of the 9th and 11th innings to lose the game. I saw this stat. The Red Sox closers have an ERA of 63. It's early and all the small sample size disclaimers apply, but it's not a good start.
  7. MLB.TV on Windows Media Center - I think MLB.TV needs to work . I can click to Hulu, Netflix, just about anything on my Windows Media Center, but I can't use my remote to watch my MLB.TV subscription. You support a bunch of substandard hardware and operating systems like Roku, Boxee, and AppleTV and yet I have to pull out a keyboard and mouse to access streaming video on a full-fledged computer. It's an odd over-sight.
  8. NFL Draft Coming Up - I think that with the Red Sox season is going, I'm looking forward to the NFL draft in 17 days.

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2 Responses to “Eight Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Congrats on the new baby! Soon you’ll be Sleepy Man and Money.

  2. Flexo says:

    Thanks very much for the link!

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