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Efficient Transactions through Merchant Service Providers

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Businesses are starting to prosper in both online and offline settings. They may belong to all sorts of industries and provide a wide variety of products and services. What make a good business are its quality of products and services as well as ease of payment and processing. Before, the only method of payment allowed from a company to its consumers was through over the counter payments. But now, you can pay online through money transfer, credit card and debit card payment, as well as other online payments.


The rise of this alternative means of payment was due to the inefficiency brought about by traditional paper transactions. With the coming of the digital age, a lot of processes also became more automated and more efficient. A particular business industry is responsible for the quick transactions that we are thankful for today is the merchant service providers.


What are Merchant Service Providers?

Simply put, merchant service providers are companies that specialize in giving you and your business the means of transacting through credit card and other forms of electronic payment. These payments may be made both in online and offline settings. Merchant service providers offer the necessary systems and equipment that you need to use in order to be able to handle these types of transactions. Through merchant service providers, a company can offer its customers different modes of payment to choose from, depending on what is more convenient for them.

Reputable merchant service providers like Dharma Merchant Services offer a wide array of features for their services such as:

? Transparency

? Low pricing

? Ease of Use

? Reliable customer service

What Makes a Good Merchant Service Provider?

Quality merchant service providers not only help improve your business’s transactions, but also improve your company’s creditworthiness. Improving your company’s creditworthiness means that the transactions you made through electronic means are almost always successful. A good merchant service provider should know how to provide the necessary means in order to make the above statement true.

Also, a good merchant service provider should also offer other features and pass other requirements in order to make your business more successful and reliable. These include the following:

  • Has a secure network
  • Protects cardholder data
  • Has a vulnerability management program
  • Has different security protocols

Security of merchant service providers is very important because of the nature of transactions that merchant service providers handle. They handle electronic and online transactions that involve credit, debit, and other types of cards. As one may know, these types of transactions are vulnerable to fraud, theft, and hacking. Thus, it is imperative for a business to know that their transaction services provider are secured and are not in the risk of being compromised. After all, what is at risk is the credit information of all of their customers? If a company’s transaction system has been breached even just for one time, it could lose all the credibility it has, and in turn lose all of its customers.


Merchant service providers have improved the way of transactions for the retail industry. It has given the customers a choice, whether to pay using the traditional paper transaction, or to use credit cards and electronic transactions as modes of payment.

Merchant service providers have certain features and requirements that must be established in order to be reputable and trustworthy. They should have a good security protocol, a detailed transaction history, and a means to improve their client’s creditworthiness.

Posted on March 7, 2016.

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