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Did You Get Free Furniture From the Red Sox?

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Yesterday I wrote about free tacos from Taco Bell (available today), but that's small potatoes. The real winners are Jordan's Furniture customers who took advantage of a furniture promotion. The promotion offered to refund all the customers' money if the Red Sox won the World Series.

Now thousands of people are cashing in to the tune of more than $15M. Jordan's Furniture doesn't have to bear the brunt of the promotion. They bought insurance, so it's the insurance company that has to pay up. When I live in Boston, I had always bought my furniture from Bob's, but that promotion would have been tempting for me.

Last updated on February 24, 2008.

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6 Responses to “Did You Get Free Furniture From the Red Sox?”

  1. The Div Guy says:

    My Aunt and Uncle from Malden bought new furniture from Jordan’s and they will be getting a refund.

  2. Anitra says:

    My husband and I considered that promotion, but decided it was really just gambling for furniture… and we didn’t need new (expensive) furniture, anyway. We rarely pay full price for any furniture, preferring to seek out deals on high-quality merchandise (or medium-quality, if we’re going to Bob’s).

    It’s a little bitter now (“Honey, we could have had …. for free!”) but we still think it was the right decision. Honestly, who could even guess the odds in April that the Sox would win the World Series?

  3. Laura says:

    Wow, I wish I got some furniture. Oh, well. I’m happy with what I have. Congrats to all who won!

  4. JvW says:

    If I had bought Jordan’s furniture it would have jinxed the Sox and we wouldn’t have won. You can thank me for my sacrifice later.

    Really, though, I’m too risk-adverse to do that.

  5. dong says:

    One of my coworkers got furniture from Jordan’s, and he’s getting it all free now. He’s pretty psyched.

  6. I heard they were selling Yankee’ stuff half price, anyone interested ? `;-)

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