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Deal: Top All-time Blu-Ray Movies for $3.99

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Every now and again I see a deal that I just can't pass up. I usually don't write about them, because I don't think they will interest most people. Today is different. If you like movies, which I feel is almost everyone, you'll probably enjoy this.

Amazon has a bunch of Blu-Ray movies available for $3.99. I could never see paying $20 for the Blu-Ray version of a movie that I can for $3-4 on DVD, but for $4, I'm in. They aren't terrible movies either. Here's the three that I picked up:

I'd like to say that those three are in my top ten, but that list gets crowded when you start adding Serenity, Shawshank, and a bunch of others. Fight Club probably still is in my top 10, with Usual Suspects in the top 15 (maybe top ten) and Darko probably in my top 25. Overall, the three movies tell you a little bit about my taste in movies, don't they?

There are plenty of other great movies. Some of the ones that were $3.99 have already gone back up to their $12+ prices. So if you like it pull the trigger quickly.

Some examples of those expired deals are the X-Men and Bourne series, and Something About Mary. Actually, there are still some of the X-Men movies available at the $3.99 price as I write this, but not all of them. However, you can still nab The Terminator and Spaceballs (25th Anniversary Edition).

Browse all Blu-Ray Movies for $3.99. Some may be slow to ship, so they might not be ripe for gift giving.

Posted on November 24, 2014.

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