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Deal: Pick Up a $95 Amazon Echo Today…

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This will be another quick article since I'm on vacation.

If you use an Amazon store card and use promo code "ECHODEAL" as described here an Amazon Echo is only $95.

If you don't have the required credit cards, you can probably get one and buy the Echo at the same time. If you do a lot of shopping at Amazon, you'll probably want to get one of those cards for the cashback anyway.

I bought one when it first became available. I've written a Amazon Echo Review and even revisited Amazon Echo. For those too lazy to read the reviews, it's best described as Siri or Cortana, but always on, always plugged in, and not very mobile. Sounds useless, right? I find it is very useful to play music, especially from Amazon Prime, Pandora, or even my favorite radio station.

It's good fun for the kids too. Just ask it to spell words. If you really want to put it to work, ask it to spell a a long word from Mary Poppins.

It does a lot more things. In fact, I get so many emails about new features that I can't keep up with trying them all.

Usually, the Amazon Echo is a lot more money... it's been as much as $200. So to get one for $95 is a sizable discount. I think that's a fair price for my use. If I ever figure out how to use those extra features, it could be worth a good deal more.

Finally, (and this is unrelated to the article), raise a toast to veterans who help protect our freedom. I like to make a donation to the USO.

Posted on November 11, 2015.

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One Response to “Deal: Pick Up a $95 Amazon Echo Today…”

  1. Amazon Echo IS surprisingly useful. We have one in the office/workshop that I work in, and it works really well for playing music, especially since we all frequently have dirty hands from doing workshop-y things, so we can’t mess with smartphones or radios. Being able to ask it things like “Is it going to rain in the next two hours?” also helps us to not get poured on when we have to do outside work. Really a nice device to have around, actually.

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