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Deal: Bluetooth, Noise-Cancelling, Earbuds (Under $20)

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Once every 6 weeks or so, I find a deal that I think is worth sharing as a separate post. Today is one such deal.

Amazon has Bluetooth TaoTronics Earbuds for $17.99 after you add to cart and apply the coupon code of 6I6RYEEF. Please don't flip out on me if you don't see the $17.99 price listed when you go straight to the page.

These wireless headphones are billed as "Sport Earphones Headsets", which I hope means that I can jog with them. They also have Bluetooth 4.0, Delicate Sound, Build-in Mic, aptX, CVC 6.0 Noise-Cancelling.

The reviews are very, very good... 4.8 out of 5 stars. I read on a deals site that the company is known for attempting to influence 5 star reviews and many of their reviewers review all the products from the company. That's not the kind of tactics I approve of, but I can't prove anything. Even if some positive reviews are influenced, there are almost no negative ones, so they can't be shipping a terrible product, right?

I'm a Prime member, so shipping is not only free, but because I'm in no rush to get them, I'll get a $1 media credit. I also put it on my Amazon credit card which earns me 3% back. By the time, I'm done the price is closer to an effective $16.

I'm mostly planning to use them in conjunction with my my Treadmill Desk. The only downside with the treadmill is that it is a little loud for watching things on my tablet. This appears to be the easy solution.

I don't know how long this deal will be around, but if it something you are interested in, I suggest pulling the trigger quick.

Update: I had someone say that they prefer over-the-ear headphones better. I found on deal on those too. See these Original Ausdom M04 headphones and use coupon code: EK3MMFN3. The price in your card should be $31.74. It's obviously more than $20, but probably still a good deal. The headphones are very well-reviewed... 114 reviews and an average of 4.6 stars with 83% giving it 5 stars.

Posted on July 8, 2015.

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4 Responses to “Deal: Bluetooth, Noise-Cancelling, Earbuds (Under $20)”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the heads up on these headphones. Been looking for a decent pair of bluetooth head phones so picked up a pair of these. Great price!

  2. Queenbee says:

    Thanks for the heads up; I just ordered and I even got free shipping.

  3. Queenbee says:

    Update: My headphones came in…a few days after I ordered. The sound is pretty decent; the only complaint I have is that the buds don’t stay in my ears well. I haven’t taken them to the gym yet, just sitting in my bed and while doing household chores. I still like them tho, and for 17.99, I wasn’t exactly expecting BEATS. I recommend these for home use.

  4. Lazy Man says:

    Thanks for the review. I am only listened to mine for a couple of minutes thus far. It’s too early to give any kind of review, but so far I like them.

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