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Customer Service Calling Day

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Today, I spend an hour making a few customer service calls due to what I perceived as billing errors. The first was to Sprint. Even though I updated my address on their website, they kept the old billing address. That wasn't my big concern, though. It was the $4 of San Francisco taxes, where they had that old billing address. Turns out that even though I'm not in San Francisco, that's the calling area they have me in. They won't move me to my actual city without a change of phone number. So they've got me. The only thing that makes me feel better about this is that the city tax where I live might be as much or more.

Next was Comcast. There was $225+ charge on my credit card which is very suspicious. I immediately figured they charged me for the equipment I returned in Boston. When I called up, they put me in the New England queue because I still have a Boston phone number. So after about 10 minutes of waiting, they ended up having to put me back in the queue in California for my account there. Turns out that it might not be a billing error, but just that they were "catching up" by charging me the past month (Oct.) and the upcoming month (Nov.) as well as some installation fees. So it's my mistake, just wish that everything didn't take multiple phone calls and queues.

Last updated on December 8, 2006.

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